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When The Jungles Whisper-Ms.Preethi Menon

For a reader, sitting across the person whose books he/she loves to read, and hearing him/her narrate a story, is nothing less than extraordinary. The Choice School was able to bring such an experience to the doorstep of its young 4th and 5th graders when they invited Ms.Preethi Menon, the writer of children’s story books to read out some excerpts from her latest book ‘When the Jungles Whisper’ to her young, engrossed audience at the beautiful premises of Choice Kinderland.

The children sat mesmerised as Ms.Preethi led them on this trail where they heard ‘the jungles whisper’ to help save and preserve India’s delightful flora and fauna in the forests. It was a riveting session of book reading peppered with a lot of interactive discussions on the ‘cruelty’ of mankind towards nature and the fading species of extinct animals, birds and plants.

The hour sped by as Ms.Preethi made the stories come alive by using visual, auditory, role playing and storytelling methods. The children had plenty of questions to ask and received a lot of information in return. There was even a quick quiz played by all of them on extinct animals of Kerala. Ms.Preethi, at the end of the session, made the children happy by personally autographing all the copies of her book carried by the children, on that day, to school.


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