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First Batch of XII

An institution’s alumni are the reflection of its past, representation of its present and a link to its future.

We at Choice realise how a strong and positive relationship with our alumni can result in a lot of good things .After all, connecting with our Alumni is not merely nostalgia associated with their alma mater but something much beyond it.

This realisation led to a concerted effort on our part to track down as many of the 2700+ alumni of Choice School as possible in 2020.

The first meeting was held on 25th September 2020 with an invite going out to almost all the alumni. The response was tremendous resulting in a very emotional reunion with all of them reminiscing the good old days along with our Founder President Mr.Jose Thomas.

In November 2020, our Founder President, Mr.Jose Thomas connected with the alumni parents of our school, who had preferred to admit their children into their own alma mater. The meeting was an eye opener for all who attended. One was made to realize that certain core values upheld by the Choice School, as an institution 30 years ago, were still there, egging these alumni parents to make Choiceans out of their own children.

The next meeting was held within six months of the last meeting on 13th March 2021 and this time the privileged ones were the  Choiceans who had passed out of school in 2000.They were the first batch of 12th graders to graduate from The Choice School since its inception in 1991.

It was wonderful to have about 40 members from all over the world stretching from the Americas to Australia.

At every alumni meeting Mr.Jose Thomas has expressed his desire that all members keep in constant touch with each other and create a network of relationships. He has also looked at our alumni to work together with their alma mater to mutually benefit each other and to contribute to the existing students at the School.

Since the first meeting in September 2020,we’ve looked at building support programs for existing students is a wonderful way by inviting them on several occasions either to speak, or to teach or to merely act as mentor/guides for our students. With the School in common, existing and past students have a basis for communication.

Efforts are on to formalize the group of alumni into an Alumni Club with a President, Secretary and a Coordinator looking after the running of this Club.

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