Guiding Principles

Holistic Learning

The Choice School believes that each child is unique and learns differently. We ensure our students have a well-rounded education with a focus on spiritual, mental, social, natural, emotional, creative and physical well-being.

Creativity and Critical Thinking

The curriculum focusses on developing a child’s imagination and giving room for critical thinking and creativity to flourish by offering platforms for free expression of their thoughts and opinions.

Safe & Secure Learning Environment

We provide a secure learning environment by giving students the daily structure they need to feel grounded, with the flexibility to drive inspiration because we believe that children learn best when they are physically and emotionally safe.


Children are constantly exposed to environmental sustainability and are sensitised to aspects such as the importance of co-existence of human beings with nature.

Health and Wholeness

The school follows the core concepts of KCH (Knowledge, Character and Health) and gives equal importance to mental as well as physical health. Healthy children and teachers create a good learning environment.

Life-long Learners

We want our students to be life-long learners and we encourage curiosity and inquiry through experiential learning, art-integrated learning, activity-based learning and project-based learning.

Community, Compassion and Service

The development of values is one of the most important aspects of education at The Choice School. Compassion is built through service to the larger community. Students are encouraged to appreciate the diversity of cultures around the world and are prepped to be global citizens.

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