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President – The Choice Foundation

The biggest asset of a child is his/her self-esteem; let’s take the responsibility to protect it!
– JT

 Greetings to all,

There is a word that remains constant – Change.

Two years ago, the word pandemic was almost an obsolete word. It took a small virus called Corona to make us realize that ‘Change is the law of life ‘and that the most unexpected things can happen, when you least expect it, turning our whole world topsy- turvy.

No one doubts that COVID-19 is one of the direst threats the world has ever faced, resulting in a big change in the life style of all the people the world over. The field of Education has witnessed a massive shift in the style of teaching and learning with all the schools having to fall back upon virtual platforms as means of education. We, at Choice School, had our teachers reinvent and reshape the mechanism of imparting lessons. We moved forward confidently, succeeding in finding solutions to the challenges which presented themselves, as is common to any change.

My vision for Choice School is very clear. We equip ourselves to be way ahead of others, the end result being the creation of an effective and informed citizen from our school – to make his or her mark in the society as a Global Citizen. We aim to bring forth forward-thinking, confident, knowledgeable, courageous individuals of good character who will be ambassadors of positive living and progress in society. The importance of Knowledge, Character, and Health (KCH) is consciously lived by all under the banner of Choice giving credence to the best practices adopted at The Choice School.

The year 2020 has by necessity seen innovations and new approaches in Education which are presenting real opportunities to transform education worldwide. And Choice school has been successful in adopting these new creative methodologies of teaching and learning ,seeing the  birth of 21st century technologically sound students well versed in the 4 Cs that characterise the skills of 21st century, namely Critical thinking,Collaboration.Communication and Creativity.

Let us hope and pray that in the days to come, our education systems are propelled into new, more effective ways of providing quality, relevant teaching and learning experiences to students in and out of school—experiences that support their ability to apply what they learn to their lives and prepare them for the world that is to come.

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