Visit to the Food Production Unit of Ramada Resorts- Cochin

Field trips are important educational tools to connect students to classroom concepts. Experiential learning at formal and informal field trip venues increases student interest, knowledge, and motivation.

8 August 2022 saw the Senior School students of Grades 11 and 12, who have opted for subjects such as Home science and Food production, visit the Food production unit of Ramada Resorts, Marudu.

The students were received and guided by Chef Soju Philip who took them through the various departments in the Food Production area. Importance of Food safety and hygiene were also highlighted.

The students were able to observe the bifurcation of the food items in the Receiving area and the security checks in place to ensure high quality food products. They were also able to see the huge deep freezer in which meat items get stored at a particular temperature for preservation.

The main kitchen area with its 3 zones-Red, Yellow and Green proved to be an interesting place for the students. The activities in the Bakery and Confectionary sections were equally engrossing.

The Continental kitchen, placed a little away from the Main kitchen, filled the students with awe, since it is a show/open kitchen where guests can view the cooking process and interact with the chefs.

The waste disposal section with its system of waste disposal proved to be absorbing as the students saw how  the waste is segregated into dry and wet waste with the Dry garbage being  recycled and wet garbage beings stored in required temperature till it gets collected by people who responsibly dispose off the waste or recycle and reuse them.

The visit gave the students a first -hand exposure to a fully functioning Kitchen that serves hundreds of customers without any compromise in the quality and standards of both food safety and functionality. It also made them realize the importance of setting up systems and following them very closely if an organization has to work efficiently.


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