Trip To The Renewable Energy Centre, Mithradham

As part of this year’s field trip, on October 26, 2022, the 11th graders (Science Group) went to Mithradham in Aluva – a reputed renewable energy centre in Kerala. It was their first field trip, following the lockdown.

Mithradham functions as a concrete model for sustainable living and development by providing an institutional structure for demonstration, education and training in environment and renewable energy.

The lush greenery of the area was striking. The hospitable guides gave a brief introduction about the place before taking the students around. They explained the infrastructure set up at the centre for generation of renewable energy.

The first stop was at the solar energy plant. Replete with solar panels, it drove home the fact that Mithradham was actually solely solar powered. It was interesting to note that there were no air conditioners or fans there.

The rest of the tour focussed on aspects of environment and renewable energy, ecological living, environment and health hazards, and waste management. The real-life illustration of the Big Bang, the evolution of mankind, and finally a tree house, were some of the features, of Mithradham, which impressed the students.

It was a day well spent. On reflection, the students understood the rising importance of finding a viable replacement for fossil fuels and their individual responsibilities in working towards it.


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