Trade Expo – 2022

On 26 September 2022, Commerce students from Grades 11D and 11E accompanied by their teachers, visited the Trade Expo held at Kaloor International Stadium,which was jointly organized by the Cooperative department, Industries department, NORKA, Business Kerala, and Kolenchery Area Pravasi Cooperative Sangh.

The main objective of this trip was to interact with start-ups from various sectors such as machinery, cosmetics, automobile, healthcare, IT etc. and analyse how such Trade Expos benefit start-ups who offer innovative products or services.

The field trip was an eye opener, since what was realized during conversations with the start-up companies was, that It is not easy for a purpose driven start up to enter a market dominated by other wealthier and financially powerful competitors without a concrete marketing strategy as well as large financial resources to survive in the market and expand their business to further broaden their network of consumers. They would need proper aid from the Government to fully capitalize on the current entrepreneurship wave that has swept the country as it would lead to increased job opportunities which will in turn have a positive impact on the Indian Economy.


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