Town Hall Meeting

As part of our enrichment programme for Preparatory and IBPYP students, Mr.Juble George, Elected Representative to Block Panchayat since 2020 and the Chairman of Development Standing committee, had been invited to The Choice School to address the gathering consisting of IBPYP 4 and Grade 5 students.

He was greeted by our principal, Mr.Ajith Jacob,after which he settled down to interacting with the children on Local self-government. He was at ease communicating with the 9 and 10 year olds, even as he explained how a parliamentary system of government works.

He specifically covered the responsibility of the Panchayats in the area of Health and wellness, using the Covid pandemic situation in Kerala as an example. He made it interesting by showing the students photographs of the control rooms, the quarantine centres ,the hospital beds etc during the Covid time in Kerala and elaborated upon the action taken by the representatives of the 3 tier Panchayats to bring the alarming situation under control.

The last 15 minutes was a question answer session where the children questioned the intentions of the government in bringing the stray dog menace under control and, the lack of proper roads and sidewalk for pedestrians to walk safely .Mr.George patiently answered all the questions and promised to come back for another session very soon.


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