The Literature And Culture Fest – 2022

The Choice School celebrated its Literature & Culture Fest on September 27 across sections covering Classes 1 to 12. The Fest comprised of a Book Exhibition with books brought by students to school and displayed, and a Cosplay fair “MIMESIS”.

While the literary Fest aimed at promoting reading, creativity and intellectual development, the Cosplay Fair, Mimesis offered something new and exciting for the children.  It gave them an opportunity to choose a favourite character of theirs from the world of Literature and design the costumes, the hairstyling and other props pertaining to the character all by themselves. So, there we had a wonderful opportunity for the children to straddle the worlds of both literature and creativity and come up with something of their own.

September 27 dawned as a bright day with electric energy in the air. If you listened hard enough, you could hear the low thrum of excitement dancing around the entire school campus. The whole campus was filled with characters who had walked out of their books and decided to make their presence felt on the Choice School campus.

Poetry recitation, book talks and character displays appeared on the stage soon after the formal inauguration of the Fest by the dignitaries.

Characters from almost every genre you could think of put up short shows- Attack on Titan’s Eren Jaeger Chen, Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, Maverick from Top Gun, Cruella from Disney’s Cruella etc could be seen in the Main Block.

At the Preparatory we had Captain Hook rubbing shoulders with Little Red Riding Hood! Wonder where the wolf had disappeared to?!And then, how could we miss Mr.Velociraptor from Jurassic Park? Iron Man had decided to reinvent himself while Nicky the mouse from Mouseford Academy decided she was not afraid of anyone. And Ms Nancy Drew had walked straight out of a mystery she was solving to attend this Fest!

The little ones of Grades 1 and 2 did not let us down as far as their enthusiastic participation was concerned.

A book display, as part of the Book Fest, in both the Primary section as well as the Middle and Senior sections was held in the afternoon, to help analyse the students’ reading habits. This was in association with the Kochi International Book Fest Silver Jubilee Celebrations. The book stands held pieces of literature which were a perfect mix of the modern contemporary writings and the classics, from Year One all the way to Year Twelve.

Team from Kochi International Book Fest

It was an absolute treat of a day!


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