Money Matters- A Programme on Basics of Financial Literacy

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest’’. -Benjamin Franklin. As part of their enrichment series, The Choice Middle School initiated a three part session on “Money Matters- A Programme on Basics of Financial Literacy “for the students of grade 6 with the aim of shaping their skills in effective money management.


The sessions began with the concept of barter system being explained to the children and went on to  touch upon the essential basics of financial literacy and concepts such as  the importance of savings , types of banks in India, rise of the digital payments era and how to avoid fraud in the digital age.

The second session concentrated on the interrelation between certain mathematical concepts and banking such as principal amounts, interests and rate of interests.

The concluding session focused on the “Do’s and Don\’ts of Digital Payments “and was handled by Mr. Dinesh K N, Manager, Digital Banking, Federal Bank.

The interactions which followed each session, between the students and the facilitator, was a testimony to the vast amount of learning gained from these sessions.


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