‘I wouldn’t Change YOU for the World, but I would Change the WORLD for You!’

The Choice School’s vision includes providing a happy, caring and stimulating environment for every child who is a part of our school. It also encompasses within it the belief that there is a necessity to open up real learning opportunities for groups who have traditionally been excluded like children with disabilities and believing that every child has the right to quality education and learning. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school.

Our classrooms have a mix of children of various abilities, thus paving the way for Choiceans to learn and understand that each one of us is imbued with strengths and weaknesses, and these differences must be respected and recognized. Collaboration is truly the key to accomplishing great things. Our teachers play a significant role in nurturing and maintaining this harmony.

As a part of their Field Trip, our Grade 11 students of the Sociology department paid a visit to the Adarsh Charitable Trust to gain an understanding of its operations.

This institute seeks to help and accommodate people with mental and physical disabilities. They started their journey with just 7 children, and are now helping more than 150 differently abled children become independent.

The visit to the production unit of the Trust, where they made various kinds of food involving the children with special needs, proved to be the best part of the trip. The food sold at the bakery was mouth-watering and extremely affordable. The Choice school students proposed the idea that the bakery could supply its scrumptious products to The Choice School where the latter could sell it to the students at double the price, creating a profit for both the school and the Trust.

There was also a group of Psychology students from Grade XII who visited Snehanilayam Special School, Chembumukku, Kakkanad as part of their project.

The guided tour opened their eyes to the yeomen service the institution does to the society by catering to the needs of special children from a very young age till they are young adults.

The vocational unit here helps older students to be adept in particular vocations like making pickles, wooden puzzles, greeting cards, key chains and wooden magnets

Rather than looking at the disabilities of the children, the staff at Adarsh Charitable Trust and Snehanilayam choose to focus on their abilities, and what they’re capable of. This is something that resonates with what we at The Choice School stand for, too.


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