HI-PHY-A Physics Workshop for Students of 6th to 10th Grade

On July 9, a group of eight students, from grades 6 to 10 attended a workshop on ‘Understanding the logic of Physics’ organized by The Physics Chamber.

The aim of the workshop was to make Physics attractive and interesting by linking the concepts to real life examples, displaying the application of physics in movies, Sports, Advertisements etc. And to show how easily you can handle Math calculations in Physics.

The workshop was conducted by Mr.Ajay Antony, who is a Guinness World Record holder in Science Knowledge Event.

The students who attended the workshop found it very interesting and absorbing.

Vinayak Prabhu of Grade 9F says:

I attended the afternoon session of the workshop on Physics by Mr. Ajay Antony on July 9,2022 . Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be a part of an interesting session.

Mr.Antony began his session with his observations on the applications of Physics in our everyday life. He discussed about the scene in the movie, KGF, where the hero is using the sand to check the speed and direction of the wind before shooting. He further explained how it can impact the way the fired shot hits the target.

Ajay Sir also explained the concept of viscosity using the example of Heinz Sauce. There were several more examples of this kind to show how science is part of our life.

It was a memorable workshop for me since I have learnt to look at Physics differently now.

Shaun Mathew of 10F:

Mr.Ajay Anthony, the founder of “Physic Chamber” , gave an ‘eye-opening’ session about the real life applications of physics around us. He taught us to be more scientific by asking questions like “Why” and “How” about all things around us. He was able to make the scientific concepts about life around us easily comprehensible and intriguing at the same time.

Several new topics such as viscosity, centre of mass, centre of gravity, neutralisation and drafting were introduced to us by way of real life examples.

As a stress breaker he made us play a fun -filled logic and reasoning game with the help of which he gave us an idea of  the concept of maxima and minima where 89 was minima and 99 was maxima.

It was a very interesting session and it changed my perspective and understanding of Physics to a great extent.

Tuvya  says:

We came to understand how physics is involved in our everyday life leading from walking on a floor to cycling or to flying in the air

We were exposed to aerodynamics, which is a field of physics i am extremely interested in. We were also made to take a test that included gk, logic reasoning, bio, chem, math and physics questions. I look forward to attending more workshops such as this.

The panellists were extremely energetic and interactive as well.


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