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Fringes 2022 – Retro Futurism

FRINGES-the annual theatre festival of The Choice School, conceived and executed entirely by the students of Grades 11 and 12, was held on 27th August 2022 and was the first major in-person interschool event after a 2-year gap due to the pandemic.

We had 22 schools participating, in this unique theatre festival cum contest, with Retro Futurism being the theme of the Festival.

There were 11 events lined up spanning a wide range of theatrical presentations ranging from monologues inspired from paintings of Johannes Vermeer to tableaus based on characters from Ravi Verma and Amrita Shergill’s paintings to a dance drama presentation based on characters from Raja Ravi Verma’s paintings to a recreation of classic paintings with a modern twist.

The Theatre Festival saw participation of students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

The winners of the event were Bhavans Newsprint Vidyalaya, Velloor, who totted up the maximum number of points as compared to all other participating schools.


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