DROP Project – By the Green Team Club members, The Choice School

The Choice School believes in making its students sensitive to the needs of the environment and recognize their responsibility towards creating a ‘green’ world.

Thus, the Green Team club was initiated in 2022 April. The first significant meeting that the team leaders Neelima Prashanth and Nethra Prabhu had was with Mr Sooraj Abraham, a founder member of the NGO, plan@earth, on the DROP (Drive to Recover Ocean Plastic) project in May, 2022. Since then, the Green Team has been working closely with plan@earth towards reduction and recycling of plastic waste.

On 15 November, 2022, the members of The Green Team (Eco club in school), made their presence felt at the Munambam harbour, where they joined hands with the other members of plan@earth to discuss with the fishermen there, the necessity to  reduce plastic from the ocean.

The fishermen who go on fishing expeditions, carry food and mineral water to last them for 25-40 days, in disposable plastic boxes and bottles. These are discarded in the ocean after use, adding to the pollution of the sea/ocean.

The plan@earth have taken on the responsibility of distributing porous sacks to the fishermen in which they could collect their plastic waste. So far, the boats have come back with about 20 sacks worth of plastic waste which has been collected by the DROP project team and sent to their recycling plant in Aluva.

The Green Team club members of Choice school joined forces with Global Public School to supply porous sacks to fishermen.

The present club prefects, Jiya Elizabeth Jikku (grade 11), Dilruba Anand (grade 9) and four others were presented with badges, by plan@earth Team.

 The badge has been designed by Aravind Menon, 10 C, a student of our school.


Student Reflections….

It was quite an experience as an educational trip, and a memory worth remembering, as it introduced us to the seriousness of the situation as far as pollution of seas/oceans is concerned. We are glad that we are associated with plan @earth and working closely with them to prevent the pollution of Ocean Plastics. We boarded the bus feeling enlightened and felt good about becoming aware of something important and relevant to present times, and getting to know of the   people who are engaged in these initiatives to clean the ocean.   

Small steps lead to big changes. This trip was the stepping stone to the project of recycling plastics and cleaning our valuable ocean. In addition, we were educated on the impacts of plastic pollution and we got to be a part of the daily lives of the Munambam fishing community. We are really grateful to be in a school that ensures   that we are a part of such meaningful activities and initiatives.’


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