Cultural Evening 2022

The Cultural Evening celebrated on November 12, 2022, on the lush green grounds of the school offered Choiceans the opportunity to bring together parents, teachers and their own peers for a wonderful get together, after two long years of isolation due to the pandemic. It was a beautiful melange of food, dance, music and conversation.

The event was sponsored by 15 top companies in Kochi and saw an array of about 52 stalls selling a variety of wares ranging from Christmas decorations to clothes to food. The students were allowed to take charge under the watchful eye of their teachers, and learned important skills like leadership, negotiation, planning and marketing.

The highlight of the evening was the cultural show put up by the senior students of the school. Students were able to showcase their creativity and talent through music, dance, drama and fashion, learning the importance of disciplined practice and teamwork.


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