Bakrid Celebrations

EidulAdha also known as Bakrid, the festival of sacrifice, was celebrated by the children of Preparatory on 15 July.

‘Njummade Perunnal,’ a short play by the students of the Preparatory Theatre, conveyed the message of sacrifice and peaceful coexistence, which is the essence of Bakrid.

The colour and vibrancy of the celebration was at its peak when the graceful dancers performed Oppana, the traditional dance form of the Muslim community in Kerala. Fardheen from grade 1 shared his thoughts on how he celebrates Eid. It was followed by a dance performance by selected students of Grades 1 and 2.

Mr. Jose Thomas, the Founder President, in his address, connected the noble value of sacrifice to ‘C’ (character), an integral part of our core concept of KCH i.e Knowledge, Character and Health

He applauded the students who participated in the programme.

The importance of sacrifice was reiterated by our principal Mr Ajith Jacob and the Vice Principal of Preparatory, Ms. Reena Rajesh.


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