Bake Sale @ The Choice School

World Food Day is an annual affair, not only celebrating the amazing food that people have the privilege of indulging in, but also to  raise awareness about people who do not have such privilege; about people all over the world who suffer from hunger.

2022 finds us with an ongoing pandemic in some parts of the world, conflict, a climate that won’t stop warming, rising prices and international tensions. In keeping with the theme for this year Leave NO ONE behind, the students of grades 9 to 12 who have taken home science as their majors and theory, Grade 11 Food Production students, and students from Epicureans@ Choice (Food Club) decided to hold a BAKE SALE to commemorate this day, with the money raised from it, being earmarked for those who do not have the privilege of having even one square meal a day.

The Bake Sale offered a variety of scrumptious baked goods such as brownies, cupcakes, chocolate mousse, a variety of cookies and even some chaat items.

The students and teachers invited for the Bake Sale bought generously, knowing that the proceeds were going towards a good cause.

Mission Accomplished, Team Bake Sale! Well Done!


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