Art Euphoria @ Preparatory

The Choice School believes in ensuring that our students have a well-rounded education with a focus on spiritual, mental, social, natural, emotional, creative and physical well-being.

The Art Euphoria Week at Choice Preparatory, was a humble endeavour in this direction, to give our Preparatory children an exposure to different forms of performing arts, specific to Kerala. It was an opportunity for our students to develop an appreciation for the art of their country and its uniqueness, helping them connect better to their surroundings.

The week -long extravaganza featured stalwarts such as the famous Kathakali artist, Shri RLV Radhakrishnan, Shri. Shinu Antony , one of the shining stars of Kerala Martial Arts and Shri Jishnu Manoj, who is known for his skills of various performing arts including Kathakali, Ottamthulal, theatre and mono acting. All these performances were lecture demonstrations, providing a stage for an informal interaction between the students and artistes, and helping to create & fine-tune a future audience.

We also had two of our well trained and capable music tutors of the Choice School, Mr. Sathish Nair and Ms. Jemimah George offering a wonderful music melange, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children. They took the students through a journey into yesteryears, straddling two different realms of music that keeps the world connected. The entire audience was seen singing along and tapping their feet to the music, soothing, energising, therapeutic and inspiring.

The Art Euphoria may have been a brief exploration into the world of Art, but like a power-packed capsule, it filled the lives of the students with a delicious aftertaste, nourishing their souls and enriching their lives…. beyond textbooks, outside classrooms….


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