A Writer is Born

Shalaka Sanju is a 5th grader who began her creative journey with some very picturesque and tasteful paintings at the tender age of 3. As years passed by, her capacity to observe, internalise every experience and reflect upon those observations of her, turned her into a wonderful writer with great insights into the real world.

Her first book, ‘My best friend’ recently published by Booksthakam has an invisible friend ‘didi’ (chechi in Malayalam). ‘Didi’ emerges as a constant guide for Shalaka through every experience she encounters and teaches her valuable lessons.

Every little anecdote ends with a ‘pearl of wisdom’ which can be applied to anyone in this world. The beautiful illustrations have been done by Shalaka. The cover page is designed by Ajeesh Kumar G. Her book is currently available on Amazon, across 7 countries.

All her teachers, mentors and friends at school, are proud of her achievement and wish her well.

Shalaka, may you publish many more books and touch many more hearts through your creativity! We wish you all the best!


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