Department of Health, Development and Education Support 

The Department of Health, Development and Education Support works in tandem with the school. It provides an array of services by a team of dedicated, multidisciplinary professionals providing specially designed instruction, support and services to students requiring individual attention to meet their unique and diverse learning needs.

Students who require individual support as informed by their teacher, guardian or parent, are informally assessed, given intervention by the various professionals and are observed and monitored regularly as per the therapeutic and academic goals set for them.

The various services offered to the students are:

Special Education

Every student can learn, just not on the same day or in the same way – George Ivans

The Choice School offers an inclusive learning environment. Regardless of their difficulties, every effort is taken to include students with varied learning needs in the mainstream along with their peers. After evaluation and discussion with the concerned professionals and parents, an Individual Academic Plan is charted for a term. This is reviewed and revised every term. Intervention in academic skills is given in small groups or individually according to the need of the student. Progress is monitored regularly. This ensures the student becomes an independent and confident learner.  



If we expect our children to always grow smoothly, steadily and happily, then, we are going to worry a lot more, than if we are comfortable with the fact that human growth is full of slides backwards and leaps forwards – Mr. Rogers

The transition from being a toddler to a child and then again into an young adult can be quite disconcerting for many. The ensuing changes can impact the student in his or her academic performance, social communication skills and emotional behavior. To ensure a smooth transition through the difficult phases of life, a dedicated team of counselors are available during school hours to support and guide students and their families with counseling and life skills sessions.


Speech and Language Therapy

The child begins to perceive the world not only through his or her eyes but also through his or her speech – Vygotsky

Communication is an important skill a student acquires and hones to perfection during his growing years. Often difficulties with pronunciation, stammering, voice disorders, vocabulary deficits and specific language impairments can hamper a student’s ability to communicate effectively. Trained professionals provide regular intervention during school hours to help students overcome speech and language difficulties.