School Leadership


Leadership is synonymous with guidance and direction to instructional improvement. Realizing this, The Choice School has brought in a leadership and management structure which demands performance based accountability. Certain accomplished people of the organization have been selected for being capable enough to hold responsible positions for the overall guidance and direction of the organization, and ultimately for its performance.

Thus we have the Principal heading the school with the Vice Principals and Deputy Vice Principals, working towards handling all the academic, co- curricular, administrative and student welfare needs, related to the section of the school they are in charge of.

The General Manager looks into the Administerial level of operations. He aids the effective processes that are involved in the running of the school and its facilities.

We also have the Head of the Department of Health, Development and Education Support who oversees the physical and emotional health, counseling and special education needs of students across the school. The Heads of each School, namely the Kindergarten, Primary, Middle and the Senior Schools are assisted by a Subject Leader, a Curriculum Leader, an Administrative Co-ordinator, and a Co-curricular Co- ordinator. This specifies their roles and makes way for effective execution, monitoring and accountability in each area.