Message to parents


Message to parents from JT President - The Choice foundation

Dear Choice Parent,

At the outset, let me wish all of you a safe, courageous and resilient time forward to overcome all odds around us in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am positive and certain that we will get through this together.

As you are aware, The Choice School stands committed to its vision and mission to create a happy learning environment for its students by faithfully addressing each child’s needs and aspirations. Whether face-to-face or digital classrooms, our teachers and staff will give the best to you and our children.

Currently, we are in the process of commencing the new academic year 2020-21 with varied challenges brought about by the restrictive measures combatting the pandemic. Kindly note that we are introducing online platforms to reach out lessons to our students over Zoom, Google Classroom, Seesaw, Socrative and such applications. The commencement dates are being communicated separately by the respective academic Heads.

In spite of all the economic challenges this pandemic has brought about to people world over and to us, The Choice School has faithfully stood by all our staff both teaching and non-teaching, by paying their full salary in a timely manner. By doing this, we are making sure that your child will continue to get the same care, attention and safety from teachers and support-staff at the school premises and off-campus, thus assuring the continuity of the complete process prevailing at school.

Given the circumstances and the challenges faced by the parent community, we at The Choice School have taken the following decisions to extend our unconditional support to the entire parent community:

  1. 50% reduction on the school ‘Annual Fee’ component for the academic year 2020-21
  2. Transportation fees collection suspended till we resume school-bus services
  3. Cancellation of the previously announced 5% increase in the school fees
  4. For parents who have already remitted the school ‘Annual Fee’ along with the first quarterly installment of fees, the concession offered may be adjusted during the next term fee payment.

In addition to the above, for those parents who may face cash-flow issues, you may write to where we will examine possible payment restructuring plans.

We appreciate very much the fact that majority of our parents have supported the school by remitting the first quarterly installment of school fees on time. We hereby request parents who are yet to make the school fees payment, to remit the same as per the guidelines.

We sincerely hope these actions taken by us will be of great relief to all parents during these unprecedented times.

Once again, I would like to personally reassure the continuity of the ethos and philosophy of The Choice School. Let us stand united in making our children to be responsible leaders and citizens of the future.

Look forward to your continued support in all our endeavours to keep The Choice School flag flying high.

Dated: May 20, 2020

Thank you.
Best regards,

Jose Thomas
President – The Choice Foundation