Student Council


The School Council is a body of elected students meant to represent the views and opinions of all the students of the school. In other words, it is an exercise in empowering the students to lead, decide and work as a team for school initiatives.


The Importance:
The Student Council gives the children an opportunity to witness the Principles of Democracy as enshrined in our constitution, during the process of fair and free elections held at school and post elections when the Student Council formed is ‘of the students, by the students and for the students.’


The Process:
The Student Council is a body comprising of students from Grades IX – XII. The members of the Student Council handle sports and cultural activities of the school under the guidance of their teachers. The elected members of this prestigious body get a taste of responsibility and the opportunity to exercise their leadership skills.

The teachers, peers or candidates themselves can submit nominations for the various posts. The criteria for selection are academic performance, communication skills, a responsible attitude and good behaviour. The emphasis is on fostering the ability to communicate, contesting the election with a spirit of healthy competition and taking on the mantle of a good leader willingly. The gruelling election process begins with nominations and culminates in a free and fair voting process.

The winners in the election form the Student Council and take an oath to uphold the trust invested in them and take the School forward in achieving its initiatives.