The Choice Group is a business conglomerate with a history that spans sixty years of entrepreneurial excellence. The multi-activity profile of the Group is serviced by over a thousand employees deriving their strength from the vision and dynamic leadership of Mr. Jose Thomas. The corporate has recorded impressive growth in its flagship operations in Marine Products Exports and Shipping as well as expanded in areas as diverse as Education, IT, Real Estate and Property Development.


“Values to hold on to - Integrity, Honesty, and Progressive Thinking”

A dream project of Mr. Jose Thomas, the Choice Foundation is his passionate yet humble endeavour to give back something worthwhile to the community and the city that he grew up in. The Choice Foundation is the philanthropic wing of the Group. Its chief areas of enterprise are The Choice Schools- Cochin, Thiruvalla & Kozhikode, JT PAC- Jose Thomas Performing Arts Centre and CFAC-Choice Fitness and Aquatic Centre.



Our vision is to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment where children will recognize and achieve their fullest potential, so that they make their best contribution to society.


Within the week there are some activities carried out.These include:

  • To ignite and foster a love of learning

  • To instill a sense of community, responsibility, compassion, integrity and moral rectitude

  • To nurture a sense of wonder and respect for the natural world

  • To encourage the pursuit of excellence through discipline, diligence and determination

  • To develop strength of character and resilience to face the challenges of the future for a fulfilling and rewarding life.

Core Concepts



In the year 1991, The Choice School began its journey in pursuit of meaningful education. Today, the school has evolved into an institution that has delivered its promise of ‘excellence in education’. The school has a current strength of more than 2900 students and more than 400 teaching and non-teaching staff.

Located in Kochi, Kerala on a sprawling 10 acre campus, it consists of seven blocks housing the Kindergarten, the Primary School, the Middle School, the Senior School, the Administration Block, the School Boarding and the Café Choice. There are three ‘feeder’ Kindergarten schools, situated in prominent areas of Kochi, catering to the tiny tots in and around these areas.

A team of highly trained and motivated staff members ensure that the School works towards nurturing young minds and molding competent and proficient individuals. Providing a safe and secure learning environment, our skilled and experienced teachers not only unlock the knowledge that lies within the books, but also instill the qualities and values that make for an honest, responsible and dignified personality.

Principal’s message

Greetings and warm wishes to all,

Welcome to The Choice School, a school that focuses on encouraging opportunity and guiding achievement. One of the most important decisions that any family makes regarding their child’s education is the school they choose. The Choice School is definitely the right choice for you! It offers the very best of teaching and learning catering to your child’s specific needs. Quality faculty, excellent infrastructure and comprehensive educational programming delivers the best for your child. Over the past 29 years since its foundation, The Choice School has become synonymous with high standards of academic and co-curricular achievement in a caring and friendly environment aimed at individual growth. Students, staff and parents have been proud to be a part of this vibrant and highly successful learning community. Education is a three way dynamics, involving the students, their families and the school working in unison. I invite you to explore our website and discover the wealth of experience we offer. With best wishes

Ajith P. Jacob


Leadership is synonymous with guidance and direction to instructional improvement. Realizing this, The Choice School has brought in a leadership and management structure which demands performance based accountability. Certain accomplished people of the organization have been selected for being capable enough to hold responsible positions for the overall guidance and direction of the organization, and ultimately for its performance.

Thus we have the Principals heading the school with the Vice Principals and Deputy Vice Principals, working towards handling all the academic, co- curricular, administrative and student welfare needs, related to the section of the school they are in charge of.

The Director of Administration & the General Manager look into the Administerial level of operations. They help with the effective processes that are involved in the running of the school and its facilities.

We also have the Head of the Department of Health, Development and Education Support who oversees the physical and emotional health, counseling and special education needs of students across the school. The Heads of each School, namely the Kindergarten, Primary, Middle and the Senior Schools are assisted by a Subject Leader, a Curriculum Leader, an Administrative Coordinator, and a Co-curricular Coordinator. This specifies their roles and makes way for effective execution, monitoring and accountability in each area.

The Superintendent of Schools and the Educational Administrator provide Academic and Administrative leadership and direction from The Choice School Head Quarters.


The Choice School is a co-educational institution, offering CBSE curriculum which provides ample scope for physical, intellectual and social development of students. The School got its affiliation to adopt the CBSE curriculum on 1 April, 1994.

It is a proven fact that the children being born in this digital world are far ahead in their thinking processes and there is a paradigm shift in the trends of education over the past decade.

Keeping in mind these shifting trends of education, The Choice School offers a perfect atmosphere conducive to learning and enhancement of skills for its students. Every class from Grade 1 is equipped with SMART boards incorporating the latest electronic technology. The interactive board turns a typical classroom into a fun learning environment. It enriches classrooms by providing hands on collaboration and creating the perfect learning setting. To enrich academics, the school lays a lot of emphasis on exposing the students to real life experiences and also putting them through hands on activities. Such student-centric learning methodology creates opportunities for the children to observe, explore, analyze and conclude thus making them independent learners.

The school nurtures the Life-Skills in students by prescribing an array of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. These life skills not only helps them enhance their personality but also improve their empathy towards others and different cultures.

The school also brings in visiting faculty to teach earmarked portions of the curriculum and expat teachers to add the global dimension to the teaching and learning process.



We believe that every child is special and unique. With more than two decades of experience and excellence in the field of education, our simple recipe for the success of the Choice Kindergarten rests on the promise of safety and happiness of the child. We aim to create a welcoming, caring and safe environment that promotes free expression, appreciation, enjoyment, discovery and development of individual talents. Housed in a colorful, stimulating and child-friendly building, the Model Early Learning Centre is designed for the development of various early learning skills in an informal setting.

The programme is rolled out in a non-competitive environment through various guided activities such as games, kinaesthetic drills, field trips, musical activities, exposure to literary creations, theatre and outdoor activities that encourage keen observation.

The additions to our Kinderlands are our KINDER TOTS AND KINDER ARKERS.

Our KINDER TOTS are open to tiny tots between the age group of one and a half years to two and a half years. Being accommodated in a safe, loving and healthy environment, our toddlers move at ease and learn to explore and discover. Activities are built around their limitless curiosity and the natural desire to push boundaries.

Our KINDER ARKERS fall into the age group two and a half years and three and a half years. As this is the preparatory stage for the Kindergarten, our preschool curriculum focuses on the strengths, needs and interests of all children. We also aim at making the child independent, creating a positive self-image and helping develop gently their intellectual abilities. Play based and developmentally age appropriate activities ensure every child is an active participant in their learning journey.

We have also added The KINDERCARE at our Feeder School at Parvana. We provide a creative, fun and clean space that allows children of age group 1 to 7 socialize and learn in a loving environment structured around their needs.


As part of a new initiative to reduce the travel time for our tiny tots, we decided to bring the school closer home. Thus were born three Model Early Learning Centres in prime locations –Girinagar, Edapally and Parvana facilitating the parents to choose the school closest to their homes for their young ones. All Centres are standardized in terms of design, themes and colors that enrich the learning experience and create a fun filled and happy ambience for our students.

A day in the life………


Children are welcomed by their class teacher at the entrance of their classroom and are encouraged to greet her with a bright smile and a cheery good morning! This helps to develop confidence, good manners and instill routine.


They have a general assembly thrice a week with the children getting involved in community singing followed by a ‘show and tell’ time where the children get an opportunity to showcase their talent before their peers and teachers.

Each month there is a new theme/ topic which is explored over four weeks. This provides a consistency to the week’s activities, which also encompass the six areas of learning namely Literacy, Numeracy, Personal,Social and Emotional development, Understanding the world ,Art and Design and Physical education.


Self registration: The children are encouraged to register their presence in the school all by themselves.This encourages children to be independent.

Weather board – The children discuss the weather each day, including learning about the days of the week, the months and changing seasons. This helps develop their descriptive communication and observation skills.

Sharing their news – This is wonderful for expanding their vocabulary, learning how to communicate and listen to others, and for building the children’s confidence.


Story time– The children congregate on the mat every day to enjoy a story. The stories are selected to enhance their listening skills, develop their imagination and ability to solve problems

Break –This time is used to teach the children table etiquette, healthy habits such as washing hands before and after eating, visiting the washroom and eating independently.


Within the week there are some activities carried out.These include:

  • Music

  • Movement (dance)

  • Sports (indoor and outdoor)


At 12.45 p.m. children assemble to disperse with the children using school transport being seated first in the vans, after which those being collected by the parent or the carer are allowed to move out of the classrooms. They are encouraged to say goodbye to their teachers before leaving the premises.


The Primary School - Step into this wonderland and you will see magic happening. Children varying from the age group of 6 to 10, sitting down and completing tasks, enjoying reading, music, sports and doing activities that hone their skills, from home science to acting. There’s never a dull moment in this building!

Academics and extra-curricular activities blend seamlessly; teachers and students working as effective teams, while exploring new concepts with wonder, is a common sight. Hands-on sessions and thinking out of the box are common tactics used in the teaching process of every subject. Happy smiles erupting on young faces for every eureka moment is the hallmark of Choice Primary.

Be it current affairs or personality and life skills enhancement, The Choice Primary has sessions for them all, keeping in mind the needs of the future. Their very own ‘Library on Wheels’ and the goody shop – ‘The Honesty Store’ – are sources of excitement and fun for the primary children.

Music, dance and the fine arts are not to be left behind and are equally encouraged and as these kids move on, we proudly watch them confidently display their talents on bigger stages with wider audiences. Class Day celebrations, festivals related programmes, Annual Day celebrations and Sports Day celebrations are offered to the students throughout the academic year at regular intervals

A Regular Day at Primary School


Students of Grades 1 and 2 begin their day at 9 a.m. and disperse with the rest of the school at 1.55 p.m.

Students of Grades 3 to 5 arrive at 7.30 a.m. and disperse at 1.55 p.m.

The children of the primary begin their day with an assembly, followed by academic enhancement sessions, every Monday.


The curriculum followed in the primary school aims at:

  • Building and reinforcing students’ sense of identity and cultural awareness

  • Stimulating curiosity and inquiry in order to foster a spirit of discovery and enjoyment of learning

  • Equipping students with the skills to learn and acquire knowledge, individually or collaboratively, and to apply these skills and knowledge accordingly across a broad range of areas.

  • Encouraging diversity and flexibility in teaching methods

  • Providing appropriate forms of assessment and benchmarking.

The range of subjects offered here includes:
  • English

  • Math

  • Science

  • Language(Hindi and Malayalam)

  • Social studies/Life skills

  • Art/craft

  • Sports

  • Music/Dance

  • SUPW

  • Computer science(from grade 1)

AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: The school offers a range of sports activities including swimming as part of after school activities.


At The Choice School, The Middle School houses students from grades 5 to 8. As these children grow from enthusiastic primary students to energetic, diverse middle schoolers, it is important that they are thrown into an array of activities and sessions which will go beyond and above the mere doctoring of books. Thus, at the Choice School we give them an opportunity to explore learning from various perspectives through our Academic and Extra- curricular activities. While the Performing Arts given them every opportunity to develop the ability to appreciate art and showcase talents, the Physical Art activities promote their physical fitness, health and well-being.

As they begin to be independent learners, they also begin to explore their individuality, extend their social skills and identify their passion. This transformation is aided by a variety of activities that every subject brings in to the classrooms and beyond. Their interests and social reach are further kindled by being part of various Clubs. Major Sports and Arts give them the necessary impetus and guidance to nurture their talent to their contentment. Team training i.e training to form school teams in various events also begin at Middle school level.

STEM activities, student enrichment activities and the outer ward bound learning activities are integral part of the curriculum delivery. Such extended learning helps see the connections between what is happening at school and in the ‘real-world’.

The subjects offered at the Middle School:
Grades 5 & 6
  • English

  • Math

  • Science

  • 2nd Language – Hindi

  • 3rd Language – Sanskrit/Malayalam/French

  • Social studies

  • Art

  • Sports

  • Computer science

Grades 7
  • English

  • Math

  • Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

  • 2nd Language – Hindi

  • 3rd Language – Sanskrit/Malayalam/French

  • Social studies

  • Art

  • Sports

  • Computer science

Grades 8
  • English

  • Math

  • Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

  • 2nd Language – Hindi /Sanskrit/Malayalam/French

  • 3rd Language – Hindi/Sanskrit/Malayalam

  • Social studies

  • Art

  • Sports

  • Computer science

Student Assessment
  • Students of Classes V-VIII are evaluated regularly through Internal Assessments, Periodic tests and Term exams. Grades are awarded for good performances in Sports and Arts activities.

  • Eligibility for promotion is based on the performance in the tests/exams and continuous assessments conducted during the academic year.

Co-Curricular activities

At The Choice School, Physical and Arts Education is given due importance and extensive training of each discipline forms an integral part of the curriculum. The main objective of this design is to communicate that, sensitivity to both arts and sports is important to become a complete personality.

  • Students of Classes V to VIII will follow the “Dual Major Activity System” where each student is required to enroll for an Arts Major and a Sports Major. (Options will be confirmed based on student’s aptitude.)


The students of the High School are trained to handle the increasing demands of academics, based on the CBSE curriculum. As the curriculum lays a lot of emphasis on achieving cognitive, affective and psychomotor excellence, at the Choice School, we create a perfect blend of academics and Co-curricular that help students make experiences which they make meaningful connections to their learning. Subject based field trips, Excursions, Exchange programme and TYE, enhancement is organized with a purpose to inculcate values and foster cultural learning and international understanding in an interdependent society. Innovative and interactive workshops are conducted on issues related to adolescence which promote Life Skills goal setting, decision making and lifelong learning. Career Counseling forms an integral part of this stage.

The School follows the CBSE curriculum and from Class IX onwards students use the NCERT textbooks. A comprehensive pattern of formative and summative assessments is followed for evaluation. In addition to academics, life skills and values are also assessed.

Hands on education, student-centric learning methodology, skill-based learning, are some of the concepts that we at The Choice School have adopted to enrich academics.

Student Assessment

The evaluation of student’s performance in Grades IX-X is through onetime year end examination complemented and supplemented with internal assessment (IA). Subject enrichment activities aim at enrichment of the understanding and skill. Class tests, periodic test, projects, multiple assessments, maintain portfolio etc, Constitute the internal evaluation.

The assessment scheme for senior secondary constitute of theory internal assessment or practical components as per the syllabus given by the board. Board shall conduct annual examination for Grades X and XII. For Grades IX and XI, the end of the year examination shall be carried out at school level. In addition to this class X and XII have pre board model examinations

Co-Curricular activities:

At the Choice School, Physical and Arts Education is given due importance and extensive training of each discipline forms an integral part of the curriculum. The main objective of this design is to communicate that sensitivity to both arts and sports is important to become a complete personality.

  • For Class IX and X special/extra classes are conducted after school hours.

  • Students of Classes IX-X follow the “Dual Major Activity System” where each student is required to enroll for an Arts Major and a Sports Major. They get graded for their performance in the activity of their choice.

  • Students of Classes IX-X are also offered swimming Classes during the regular hours of the school.

  • Innovative and interactive workshops are conducted on issues related to adolescence.

  • Career Counselling also forms an integral part of their activities at this level.

  • Students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of inter-house and inter-school competitions in cultural and sporting activities.


Grades XI and XII are the most important years of a student’s school life where decisions regarding the choice of a career have to be made. A sound career-counseling programme takes care of guiding the students on to the right track.

Every attempt is made to foster the spirit of learning through questioning and experimentation. Student Council is elected every year from the Senior School which gives the students an opportunity to develop their leadership qualities.

The students of Senior school are also a part of student led events like IMPULSE and TEDx where they master a variety of skill sets that make them ready to face the challenges of the outside world.

IAYP,IIMUN to open up the right career opportunities for the students in the future, they are offered four streams:

  • Group I

    English/ Physics/ Chemistry/ Maths/ Computer Science

  • Group II

    English/ Physics/ Chemistry

    Option 1- Biology/Home Science / Economics/Entrepreneurship/Political Science

    Option 2- Math/ Informatics/ Legal Studies/Painting/ Psychology

  • Group III

    English /Accounts/ Business Studies

    Option 1- Home Science / Economics/Entrepreneurship/ Political Science

    Option 2- Math/ Infornatics/ Legal Studies/Painting

  • Group IV

    English/ Psychology/Sociology

    Option 1- Home Science / Economics/Entrepreneurship/ Political Science

    Option 2- Math/ Infornatics/ Legal Studies/Painting


The Department of HEALTH, DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATION SUPPORT enriches the programme of education at The Choice School by bringing in inclusion across the School, from Kindergarten to Grade XII.

A team of "Special Educators, Speech Therapists and a Counsellor” provide intervention to students with learning difficulties, after identification and assessment. Support is provided during school hours; in - class and on a one-to-one basis, according to their need, to master academic and non-academic skills.

Parents too partner with the team, thereby enabling their children to benefit greatly from the programme and gain maximum advantage.



At the Choice schools, our philosophy is to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment for the children and to help them blossom as individuals who can make their best contribution to the society.

We have a very strong Counseling team who work very closely with the children and cater to their emotional well-being. Children are given the confidence to discuss their emotions and experiences without being judged. Their strong sense of compassion and commitment are keys to their success.


Career choice is the most important event in an individual’s life. Person’s success and consequently, satisfaction and happiness depend on how accurately he chooses his Career. Improper selection of the Career or frequently changing the Career is very harmful to psychological health. It is well known that individuals who make career choices based on personal interests and abilities, show significantly higher levels of job satisfaction and are more productive workers.

Students who have gone through comprehensive career counseling are discerning in their career choices. Students, who make career choices without adequate and accurate counseling and guidance, are at risk of being impelled to choose careers that are not suitable for them.

Choice of a career is not only central to one’s lifestyle but is also a vital aspect of the physical and emotional well-being of the individuals themselves and their families (Walsh & Tosi, 1980).

It is to prepare the students in making the right choices that we at the Choice Schools, we assist the students in exploring and planning various career options, in understanding the different streams, courses and educational options. We hold conclaves of University representations from India and abroad and Experts from various fields like Commerce, Humanities, Law, Science, Information technology, Aeronautical and Maritime Science are invited over to speak to the students in small groups and brief them about the scope of the discipline they are experts in.


The team aims at enhancing synergistic evolution of a child by consistently instilling development of attitudes, habits, values and skills in order to enable them to be self-reliant to make rational and wise decisions to settle or manage stress and disagreements and ultimately to recognize and channelize his/her strength and energy to vault above challenges only to chisel out a genial human being. This would train and equip the child to develop social and interpersonal skills which will e nable peaceful and meaningful co-existence.


The Choice School, Cochin is a licensed operator of the widely recognized international programme of the erstwhile Duke of Edinburgh Award which is now known as the International Award for Young People (IAYP) encouraging students 14 years and above (Std. 9 to 12) to develop skills beyond the classroom in terms of acquisition of a vocational skill, participation in sports and games, embarkation on adventurous trips and commitment to service toward the less-privileged in addition to their academic interests.

The school is a YES (Youth Engaging Society) Centre and can directly register students for this programme and work towards their individual certification with the express support of our school staff.

The IAYP certificate adds immense value to every student’s academic credentials.


We offer hostel facility for out-station students – both boys and girls. This is supported by a dedicated team of dorm-parents and dorm-nurses round the clock with 24 hours security. The facility is fully air-conditioned with exceptional amenities. A mentor, who is attached to the hostel, looks after the emotional and physical wellbeing of the children.

During their stay in the boarding, the children are groomed in areas of deportment, personal hygiene and etiquette, coached in academic pursuits and co-curricular activities and guided in the art of living together in a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.


The travel from and to school can become cumbersome and tedious if the students are not given the right comfort which in turn will have a bearing on their learning process.

Thus, at The Choice School, we have school owned high-quality air-conditioned largest bus fleet that operate on predetermined routes in the city to pick up and drop the students on time. The school follows strictly the direction of the supreme court of India for School Bus in order to ensure the safety and security of the children. All our buses come equipped with seat belts, speed governor and GPS.

Being GPS enabled, the school can locate the position of a bus at any time during the commute and in case of a breakdown, can send a replacement bus instantly. The parents can also track the bus using the school bus tracking App (Ryka App) during its commute.


This food facility in our main school provides healthy and balanced meals and snacks to our students, staff and parents. Choice café can seat 350 people at a time. Our Campus Wallet App makes it convenient for the parents to pre order breakfast and lunch.

There are different types of meals that we offer at our Choice Café starting with breakfast. Students and Parents can avail of this grand facility appropriately by the Cafeteria Management guidelines.


In order to facilitate cashless transactions within the school campus, Choice School has come up with the novel concept called ‘Campus Wallet’. Parents of students initiate the mobile app by simply downloading it from Google Play or Apple App Store and use it to take care of the cafeteria expenses, store purchases and fee payments of their wards through their ID cards. The added benefit of tracking their child’s daily activity also comes into play.


At the Choice, we unleash the potential in our students by creating opportunities for student leadership. We believe that when we empower the students with the responsibility of leading a team, they build relationships and impact the surroundings with their ideas and thoughts to make the larger difference.

The School Council is a governing body comprising of students from Grades IX – XII. They are elected by polling for the period of one year. The criteria for selection are academic performance, communication skills, a responsible attitude and good behaviour. The emphasis is on fostering the ability to communicate, contesting the election with a spirit of healthy competition and taking on the mantle of a good leader willingly. The grueling election process begins with nominations and culminates in a free and fair voting process. The teachers, peers or candidates themselves can submit nominations for the various posts

The election process gives the children an opportunity to witness the Principles of Democracy as enshrined in our constitution, during the process of fair and free elections held at school and post elections when the Student Council formed is ‘of the students, by the students and for the students.’

The Student Council, elected for a term of one academic year takes an oath to uphold the trust invested in them and take the School forward in achieving its initiatives. The investiture ceremony is a highlight on the school calendar.

Apart from planning, organizing and executing cultural and sports activities at the school and at inter school level, they are also meant to maintain general discipline at the school.

The Student Council comprises

Head Boy, Head Girl, Asst. Head Boy, Asst. Head Girl, Sports Captain, Sports Vice-Captain, Jr. Sports Captains, Cultural Secretary, Asst. Cultural Secretary, House Captains, House Vice Captains and Junior House Captains of all the Four Houses


TYE (The Young Entrepreneurs)

TYE (The Young Entrepreneurs) is an entrepreneurship program conducted by the TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) in order to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among youth. This program help in nurturing entrepreneurial skills and team work. This is an inter school competition hosted by TiE every year where The Choice School is an active participant. The event challenges the students to work on precise finance plans to impress the investors. The platforms provides a real life experience to the young minds on the various components in a business pitch and also understand the rewards and challenges of becoming successful entrepreneurs. The process goes through rigorous training and mentoring. The program culminates in a global competition.


The IIMUN conference, as a part of its movement to change the meaning of MUN from Model United Nations to Movement to Unite Nations is an annual event, hosted by The Choice School. The event is graced by 300 delegates from all over Kerala. Topics ranging from National and International issues to sports are discussed at length with precision by assigned committees. IIMUN conferences provide an opportunity to students to practice research, public speaking, team work, negotiation and writing skills in a safe and structured environment. Besides, the experience derived from attending the conference can be leveraged to expand one’s network and ease applications and execution for and of future plans.


A celebration of art, culture and youthful exuberance; a cultural extravaganza organized annually by the senior school students. The event focuses on enhancing innovation, team work, creativity and communication. The occasion helps in tapping the transdisciplinary skills of the students which help them to blossom into confident individuals. More than 300 students from different CBSE schools across Kochi participate in various events showcasing their talents as per the theme for the year. The most coveted overall trophy is won by the most deserved.

TedX Choice School

The Choice School has been hosting TedX for three years in a row. The event is completely organised, coordinated and conducted by the students of the senior school. From procuring the licence to deciding the guest speakers to the conduct of the event, is all taken care of by the students themselves. The third edition, "Quantum Leap- A breakthrough was done in 2019 under the curatorship of Mehnaaz Mather (student) who is the Curator and licencee for the edition. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a self-organized event that brings people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TED Talks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x means independently organized TED event. Speakers from different walks of life share their experiences on the platform. There is a theme dedicated to every edition.


Fringes is an annual inter school theatre competition hosted by The Choice School to inculcate theatre awareness and celebrate t performance art and its different nuances. Fringes opens up new facets of drama and other performance arts. Students of schools from in and around Kochi take part in the event with zeal and enthusiasm. This venture caters to enhancing creativity and innovation in expression.



As part of the overall and well-rounded personality-building experience, The Choice School is introduced to our very own initiative of the KCH programme which is delicately and intricately inter-woven with the whole learning process at school. The KCH concept will ensure a conscious effort by all students and staff towards enrichment of one's knowledge, character and health. The Choice School through its myriad opportunities will be focusing on the child's knowledge gain through academic pursuits and engagements inside and outside the classroom, with added focus on a strong value system and fitness of the body, mind and soul.

CULINARY ARTS – Students are given a chance to know what it takes to prepare one’s own meal. Different subject topics are covered through this interesting engagement at school under the guidance of trained chefs

HYDROPONICS – hydroponic gardening is introduced at school and we are happy to see enthusiasts amongst students and staff to monitor and sustain this important organic feature of farming. Science is conceptualised and facilitated through a very practical and Hans on methods


“In the 21st century, scientific and technological innovations have become increasingly important as we face the benefits and challenges of both globalization and a knowledge-based economy. To succeed in this new information-based and highly technological society, students need to develop their capabilities in STEM to levels much beyond what was considered acceptable in the past.” ( National Science Foundation )

STEM Education, an Acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is a blended approach introduced during the formative years of a child where students investigate and engineer practical solutions and Construct evidence-based explanations. It creates in a child a life-long passion and commitment to learning.

At the Choice School, through STEM Education, we develop in students:

Analytical skills - to research a topic, develop a project and timeline, and draw conclusions from research results.

Science skills - to break down a complex scientific system into smaller parts, recognize cause and effect relationships, and defend opinions using facts.

Mathematical skills - for calculations and measurements.

technical skills - involving troubleshooting, repairing, and utilizing software and modern equipment.

Communication and cooperation skills - skills to listen to customer needs or interact with project partners.

Teamwork skills - for successful project completion.

Creativity - to solve problems and develop new ideas.

Leadership skills - to lead projects or help customers.

Organization skills - to keep track of lots of different information. Time management skills


The Choice School was an early recipient of ATAL Tinkering Lab. Teachers research and adopt new methodologies in teaching to engage children actively in the learning and also to keep them abreast of the technological and educational innovations. They encourage the students to represent the school in various platforms with their innovative ideas and design in the field of technology. Our students have won accolades in National and International competitions.


The school organizes regular field trips and excursions for its students. Students learn better when they are able to connect their learning to the real-life situations. Whether that's a trip to the local park or a grocery store, a museum or a theater, a factory or a library, an estate or a restaurant, each experience contributes to their understanding of the world.

Travelling to various destinations within and outside the country gives our students a taste of world culture. Some of the places that have been visited overseas are Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Bhutan and London. Our students have also been taken to places of historic and educational significance within the country.

Reflections on field trips and excursions are done through Report writing or Diary entry or such written activity.


Exchange programs with national and international schools are conducted on a regular basis which increase the exposure to different cultures and languages

The Student Exchange programme in Choice School has been introduced with the desire to enhance friendly relations between two schools with the belief that the educational cooperation in the form of linkages would benefit both the schools.

It also looks at the possibility of enhancing collaborative opportunities and fostering greater mutual learning for excellence in educational development.


The curriculum at Choice is amalgamated with co-curricular activities to realize the all-round development of students. We believe that knowledge in many domains enables to harness the in-depth potential of students. It nurtures students’ ability in co-operation and co-ordination. Our students move towards leadership, socialization, self-identification and self- assessment.

The curriculum at Choice is amalgamated with co-curricular activities to realize the all-round development of students. Our Co-curricular programme consists of:


Sports & Games; Athletics Football, basketball, badminton, volleyball, gymnastics and swimming

“Health” being one of the core concepts of the Choice School guiding principles, we insist on ensuring the physical and emotional well -being of the students. With an array of offerings in our sports and games, we provide the students the opportunity to experience not only the variety of sports but only equip them with personal and social skills that help them handle issues of life with more positivity and confidence. The team sports build in them tolerance, respect and empathy. At the Choice school, the students engage in healthy and energetic athletic and other sporting events, which also act as a springboard for the State and National level competitions. The School has adequate number of qualified coaches and infrastructure to support these sports.

The Sports facilities provided are :


The School has a professionally laid out football field that is of International Size and conforms to world class standards- fully turfed with quick drainage in the monsoon.


An Olympic standard swimming pool caters to the needs of students of the primary as well as the main school. The school swimming team has had creditable performances at the district, state and national level. A team of professional instructors train the students in this sport.


The Choice School has an excellent basketball court and offers best-in-class coaching to students interested in the game. The School also encourages students to actively take up team games and participate in intra school and inter school competitions to improve their game and at the same time to keep up their spirit of sportsmanship.


The air-conditioned badminton court was inaugurated by the ace badminton player Ms Saina Nehwal. Students from the primary and main block avail of this facilities after school as well as for specialised coaching after school hours. Students are also trained to compete at tournaments at district & state levels.


A well laid out volleyball court and professional coaches provide excellent opportunities for students to excel in the sport. Students are encouraged to participate in inter house as well as inter school tournaments.


Art plays a big role in the holistic development of a child. Through Art, we not only help the children discover and nurture their talents but also enhance their creativity and critical thinking. When Art is integrated into the curriculum, the learning becomes more meaningful for the children because it helps them derive meaning and understanding, directly from the learning experience. It also has a positive impact on the development of certain life skills, such as, communication skills, reflection and enquiry, nurturing higher confidence levels and self-esteem, appreciation for aesthetics and creativity.

At The Choice School, the Arts Programme comprises of Performing Arts, Culinary Arts and Visual Arts. The Arts Programme is a culmination of Theatre, Music, Dance, Home Science and Visual Arts. The curriculum lays clear emphasis on knowledge building, creative thinking and skill development.

The students are exposed to The Arts Programme during their Major Arts Period. Here, they can pursue the Art of their choice. When the children are given an opportunity to identify their own interests and made to work on them, they build higher confidence in following their aspirations. This will keep them in good stead in their life be it with their personal success or with their career success.

PERFORMING ARTS: Music & Dance (Eastern and Western); Musical instruments – Keyboard, Piano, Guitar, Violin, harmonium, Drums; Theatre & Performance


It is a well-established fact that music as a form of art promotes and energizes learning in children. Its benefits and psychological effects can be seen in increased learning abilities, better academic performance, strengthening of motor, social and emotional skills.

Founded in 1991, The Choice School has been recognized as one of the leading prestigious institution of its kind where music is given its due importance and is taught methodically alongside the mainstream school curriculum.

Under the visionary leadership of our Founder Mr. Jose Thomas who has an inborn flair towards the art, The Choice School promotes music at all levels both for its own sake as well as keeping the future in mind. Currently, the music department is led by a very passionate and prominent music educator, Mr. Mathew P Joy, Ltcl . As the Director of Music he leads, collaborates and builds a spirit of congeniality with his teachers to implement the vision of the school and boost holistic learning among children.

The school is well-known for its extra-curricular activities and the department with more than 20 part-time and full time faculty members aims to maintain more than 9 musical ensembles and groups for students to join, including the Elementary Recorder Ensemble, the Elementary Mini Band, the Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, the Eastern Vocal Ensemble, the Carnatic Konnakol Ensemble, the Funk ’n’ Rock Ensemble, the Woodwinds Ensemble, the Latin Percussive Ensemble, the Jazz Ensemble, the Choral Ensemble, the Musical Theater, with further subdivisions such as Early Stage Kinderland Vocal Ensemble and the Community Drum Circles as part of performance oriented music curriculum.

All students opting for Music as part of their Majors and Minors (co-curricular activity) must pass an aptitude test to gain entry into the Department of Music. Both students and faculty participate in more than 25 performances held each year, from Kindergarten level ensemble, music theatres and annual concerts, to students and faculty recitals at the Quadrangle, Greens, Elizabeth hall and at JTPac performance theatre.

The department is also in the process of introducing the foundation program ‘Science of Music’ with a vision to guide the children towards career based subjects such as Music Technology, Music Production, Electronic Music Composition, Recording and Mixing, Architectural Acoustics, Music Business, Music Management, Performance etc..…

The effectiveness of the programs can be seen in well-known alumni such as Dr David Abraham - PhD in Percussive Performance, Jeet Suresh Paul – Masters in Music Technology currently working as Audio Engineering Faculty at the Rowan University, Hariharan Mohan Raj - Masters in Music Technology from New York University, Nikhil Abraham - Music Business from University of West London etc…


Dramatic Arts education is an important means through which we acquire CREATIVITY FOR PROBLEM SOLVING. It can CHALLENGE STUDENTS' PERCEPTIONS about their world and about themselves. Dramatic exploration can provide students an outlet for emotions, thoughts, and dreams that they might not otherwise have means to express. A student can for a few moments, BECOME SOMEBODY ELSE, explore a new role, try out and experiment with various personal choices and solutions to real problems- problems from their own life, or problems faced by characters in literature or historical figures. This can happen in a SAFE ATMOSPHERE, where actions and consequences can be examined, discussed, and in a very real sense EXPERIENCED without the dangers and pitfalls that such experimentation would obviously lead to in the "real" world. This is, perhaps, the most important reason for Dramatic Arts in schools.

The Choice School Theatre department functions under the leadership of able drama teacher. The students are exposed to the Dramatic Arts through their Major Arts. There is a very effective curriculum framework put in place to ensure quality delivery of the Programme. We strive to link Drama lessons to topics and themes that the students are studying in other subjects, or to important social questions.

In this way, Drama accomplishes several goals at once-ENRICHING students' school experience through Art as well as REINFORCING traditional academics. The demonstration of the Dramatics Arts happens during the Class Assemblies, Cultural Programmes and the Annual Theatre Productions. Productions like Lion King, Romeo & Juliet, and Jungle Book have been the highlights of the department.


Dance is one of the best ways to help a child with complete physical fitness and get control over one’s movements. It is also meant to develop self-confidence in children. Consistent training in dance also brings in discipline and patience which are the most important factors in a child's life.

At the Choice school, the students are given the opportunity to learn both Indian dances forms (Classical and Folk) and Western dance forms.

There is a curriculum set in place where students are taught basic steps, techniques, margam (Sequel dances) in Bharathanatiyam at the Primary school and the Middle school level. The students of the senior school get to learn basic steps and techniques of Kathakali and Kuchipudi. The Indian folk dances are not formerly taught in school but they are part of the cultural activities of the school.

Western dance training also follows a curriculum. The students start with the basic flexibility moves at the Primary School and progress to basic styles and foot works at the Middle school level. At the Senior School level, they are able to create own grooves and styles. Fusion dance is the highlight of most of the dance performances in the school.


Art, Painting & Clay modeling

“Art is not what you see but, what you make people see!” - Edgar Degas

The inclusion of art in the curriculum is to allow the children of different age groups to become creative, express their minds in relating with the core subjects as well as to transfer what they see and feel around them. From reopening to the end of the year children await the surprise of fun filled activities.

KG – Primary - Art and Craft is a combination of identifying and practising fine mortar skills and gross mortar skills right from the Kindergarten to High school. Children are eager to attend the art class, as they get to learn about -an artist, or being a character in any event or to make a model out of paper integrated with their core subjects or a technique to bring out their ideas from a given topic. Through these activities the child becomes more prudent and sharp in their minds with identification of colours shapes and forms. Fine-Art is an option chosen as an SUPW Activity apart from their regular art classes at the Primary.

Middle School - Choice school does offer many options under the category of Major Art in the middle school level where Painting and Sculpting is catered once a week. Painting with different mediums and learning the fundamental has made the student develop flair not only for the subject but to create a composition to perfection. Sculpting 3 D models have made the students develop their creativity skillfully to work with their hands in the most exquisite way of what they observe in their daily life. Molding and shaping an animal, a bird, a flower, a tree, or human figure or an abstract image has churned out the perception of the child into expression. The student is not only learning the subject, but also gets to practice the art of patience, quality and becomes sensitive to nature.

At the senior school, Painting is an Elective subject, chosen as part of the academics where they learn about the evolution of Art in Indian history to the Modern Trends. As part of the curriculum, students are exposed to various art materials, mediums and surfaces to work on. The option of choosing a subject like painting has certainly helped in releasing the academic pressure and stress in children.

The exhibition of their artworks and opening them to public viewing has brought a lot of encouragement and excitements, also making them feel proud of their own achievements. Educational trips are organized by the school to Art galleries and museums where they get to see the works exhibited by renowned artists and get an awareness of various forms of art.

Events like Grandparents day, Class Assembly, Festivals, Impulse, Fringes, Cultural Fest, Intra school House events, Inter school competitions and academic enrichment activities/ projects include various art integrated activities with children and their involvement that make the teaching - learning process a complete and overall development in the molding of a child to face the world confidently.


Art and Craft, Embroidery, Tailoring, Baking and Confectionary, Icing and Flower Arrangement

Home Science education is one of the most important areas of study at the Choice School because it is the core of all human development and the society at large.


(Art and Craft, Embroidery, Tailoring, Baking and Confectionary, Icing and Flower Arrangement,) HOME SCIENCE THEORY (FROM 9TH TO 12TH GRADES)

Home Science education is one of the most important areas of study at the Choice School because it is the core of all human development and the society at large.

Home Science is a combined study of Science and Art. From Art perspective, Home Science deals with the artistic talents of an individual. Eg. Table setting, garnishing the food, napkin folding etc. All this creativity can be inculcated by studying Home Science. As Science, it is the scientific approach towards the individuals’ Scientific principles are used in selection, storage, preparation and preservation of foods.


Home science initiates the task of prepping the middle schoolers with the basic cooking skills and serving procedures. They are also made aware of proper table etiquettes like how to fold and place the napkins, the right way to hold the cutleries and the Do’s and Don’ts of group dining. In the higher grades, these etiquettes of dining are taught in detail as in how to set up a dining table, placement of cutleries etc. As they progress, they learn to bake the cupcakes to cinnamon rolls. Different craft, decoupage, flower arrangements, artificial flower from phoenix paper, solar wood, organdie cloth, from basic stitching to stitching a cradle frock, glass painting, coffee painting, leban painting, tie and dye, block printing etc. By the end of their academic year, the students have been well educated in the essential necessities of home.


Basically there are 5 areas in Home Science:

Food and Nutrition – Nutrition includes food, nutrients, diseases caused by deficiency and excesses, their functions in the body, their sources, meal planning for different members of the family, therapeutic nutrition, food preservation etc.

Fabric and Apparel Sciences -here knowledge is imparted about different kinds of fibres, how cloth is made using fibres, properties of different types of fibres, what are the fabric finishes given to clothes and how to take care of them. Home science also teaches fashion designing and latest designs in clothing construction.

Human Development – In this, knowledge regarding physical, mental, social and emotional development of the child, his problems and needs, family structure and family relations is imparted.

Resource Management – In this particular branch of home science, students learn about resources available for doing various activities, proper use of resources and how to take decision for solving any problem. It also includes current topics like consumer education and consumer protection.

Communication and Extension – It includes the methods of imparting and expanding knowledge to everyone particularly the village people, which includes women empowerment, how to make rural women financially independent, new techniques of agriculture etc.

Knowledge of these aspects of Home Science is essential to sustain and improve one’s quality of life irrespective of the gender of the child.


Recitation, Elocution, Debate, Model UN

The three “Cs” of the 21st-century skills - creativity, collaboration, and communication are integral for the students of today to adapt themselves quickly in this changing world. Communication plays a major role in inspiring and influencing people. The students need to equip themselves with the art of public speaking in order to build confidence in communication and this training starts at school.

At the Choice School, students go through Recitation, Elocution and Debate as part of their literary activities. When the students are put through these public speaking skills, they not only develop their language skills but also acquire research skills, analytical skills, thinking skills and communicative skills. The Choice Literary Club opens out possibilities of drawing inferences from great art works and getting inspired into creating one of their own. Threading Narration and Slam Poetry sessions are a few that kids from the primary to grade XII look forward to. Their creations are then brought out in the term and annual Newsletter “CHOICE IN INK”


Clubs & Activities; Quizzes; Competitions; Exhibitions; Class Days and Class Assemblies; Talent time; celebrations; Music & Dance Evening

The Choice School strongly believes that it is important to showcase the talents and interests of the children. When we give the children the opportunity to discover what they are good at, and support them, it boosts their self-confidence and nurtures their skills.

Our clubs and activities give students a range of choices which will facilitate them in pin pointing what they are passionate about.

Through our Theme based Class days, Class assemblies & Cultural activities the children bring out their latent talent in singing, dancing, theatre, oratory skills, choreography and script writing.

When children feel appreciated and acknowledged, they tend to keep the good work everywhere. Talent time, Music and Dance Evening give them an opportunity to come in front of the audience confidently and display their talents and skills. These platforms encourage the children to hone their talents and improve them with time.

The competitions and quizzes are certainly an opportunity for the students to gain knowledge, seek opportunities to excel beyond academics. Moreover, it is also a platform where they work in teams and learn to achieve overall goals and objectives together.

There are some common festivals and National days celebrated by all sections of the school. These are: The Republic Day, The Independence Day, Onam, Diwali and Christmas.

The regular programmes specific to each section are as follows:

KINDERLAND: : The Grandparents Day (Kinder ark), The Annual Production (Prep), Class day (KG)

PRIMARY: Class days of Grades 1 and 2, Annual Production of Grade 4, Kalarasana (Grades 3 and 4), Theme assemblies by Grades 3 and 4.

MIDDLE SCHOOL: - Class Days of Grades 5 and 6 and Theme assemblies from Grades 5 to 8

MIDDLE TO SENIOR: Annual Theatre production.

SENIOR SECTION: Thematic assemblies

Grade 11 and 12- FRINGES (a Drama festival) and IMPULSE (competitive cultural festival involving top schools

Apart from the above, there may be some more programmes planned on the spur of the moment and presented. It could be triggered by some aspect of the curriculum, like the celebration of The Constitution Day or the presence of someone special in Kochi who would impact the students with his/her performance.


Charity trips; SUPW activities; Fist full of rice; Ceiling on desire

Children at the Choice School are constantly educated on their social responsibility through our Community Service Programme. As part of their Charity trips and SUPW activities, the children visit regularly old age homes, hospitals, orphanages to interact with inmates.

Fist full of rice is a program where children keep aside a fist full of rice every day and donate it monthly which is distributed to the needy

Ceiling on desire is another program where a child puts a ceiling on his desire and donates that money which in turn is used to buy medicines for cancer patients

Pupil Leaders’ Action Network (PLAN) initiative brings together student council heads of Kochi to involve students in community development. PLAN Plogathon was one of those community ervices which brought students from across city schools together. They removed over 65 bags of garbage from the streets of Cochin.

As per the Constitution drafted by the students last year, the leadership of the organization rotates among the member-schools on a yearly-basis.


A curriculum can be effectively delivered only when it is supported by a good infrastructure. The Choice School has an extensive infrastructure for academic and non-academic pursuits of students. Some of the highlights are as follows:

  • Air conditioned classrooms

  • Technology enabled classrooms

  • State of the Art Laboratories for Sciences, Languages & Mathematics

  • Well stocked library

  • Innovative Robotics Laboratory

  • Music & Dance Studios

  • Performing Art Theatre

  • Multipurpose hall – Elizabeth Hall

  • Sports fileds for Athletics, football, basketball, tennis, badminton, volleyball

  • Swimming Pool

  • Fitness Centre


Jose Thomas Performing Arts Centre (JTPAC) supported by its honorary chairman, Padmashree Mohanlal, is conceptualized as an ecosystem to preserve, sustain, propagate and nurture the performing arts traditions of India and the world.

A major aspect of JT PAC’s mission is to develop a world-class cultural society, building a platform for the best of the country’s budding artists. JT Pac also doubles up as the School’s auditorium providing excellent facilities and a grand platform for its students to showcase their talents. It is also a venue for hosting prestigious school events.

The added feature to JTPAC is its own Recording Studio. Both students and parents can make use of this facility to do their music, story-telling, skit, drama, speech or whatever is in line for studio-recording purposes towards excellence in performance, aiding effective mass communication and public awareness.


CFAC is the brainchild of The Choice Foundation to promote health, fitness and the concept of a balanced life. Apart from world class trainers, it also offers to students, parents, faculty members and anyone interested in fitness, a Gymnasium fitted with some of the best equipment.

  • Outdoor Training

  • Rehabilitation Center

  • Relaxation Zone

  • Weight gain/weight loss programmes

  • Senior Citizen Zone


We strive towards complete safety and security for all personnel on campus and outside on school trips and activities. We have school appointed security guards and also security personnel from the well-established Red Eagle Industrial Security Agencies. At this stage we are also working on a smart ID card system for all students and staff transitioning from our current ID system.


We endeavour to provide neat, clean, conducive and healthy environment of learning for all our students. As you are aware, the school supports air-conditioned classrooms. The truss work with cover for added protect from the weather is completed for the Senior Block. Dedicated team of staff are on duty attending to the support needs of the school.


As a school we have moved towards a cloud-based platform with integrated data analytics capabilities. This will help in monitoring continuous academic, co-curricular and skill-based engagements.



Online registration for admission for the next academic year commences in the month of July and is the first step in the procedure. Parents seeking admission for their wards are to go to the school website and register. The school will notify the parent on availability of seats in the grade for which admission is sought for. Admission procedures laid down by the School are strictly adhered to as given below.


Preschool children registering for the academic year (2021-22), the child have to be born on or before December 1, 2018. KG1/ LKG children registering for the academic year (2021-2022) will have to be born on or before December 1, 2017.

KG2/ PREP children registering for the academic year (2021-2022) will have to be born on or before December 1, 2016

We do not reserve any seats the admission will be on a first come first serve basis only.


Online admission form needs to be filled by parents by logging on to and fill in all the details. Students will be called out for interaction/ written test (applicable according to the grades) along with the parent.

Documents to be submitted during Interaction:
  1. A copy of the Birth Certificate. (Please bring the original also for verification)

  2. A recent photograph of the child- size (6×4) cm.

  3. A copy of the Immunization / vaccination card

  4. Photocopy of the mark sheet of the last examination passed at the previous school. (This is required for students coming from Grade 1 and upwards)

  5. A copy of the student passport with valid visa/ OCI card (if the child is a foreign national)

  6. The Aadhar card of the child and the parents and a copy each of the same. (for all classes including Kinderland)

  7. Students seeking admission to the school from Grade 2 and upwards are required to submit the Original promoted Transfer Certificate/School Leaving Certificate of the school last attended, duly attested /signed by the Head of the Institution.

  8. A recommendation letter/Conduct Certificate from the Principal of the last attended School.(From 6th grade upwards)

  9. All admissions done after 15th June require a studying/ discontinued T.C., which is valid for only 30 days from the last date of attendance