“Welcome to this great institution, The Choice School, which empowers its students with knowledge and skills, creating the leaders of tomorrow. Let’s celebrate the success of learning “

Mr. Jose Thomas.
President – The Choice Foundation


In the year 1991, The Choice School began its journey in pursuit of meaningful education. The choice School was founded by Mr. Jose Thomas, an Indian Philanthropist and Entrepreneur. Mr. Jose Thomas started his entrepreneurship journey at the age of 17 and the Choice School was his dream to provide quality education to the next generation. The School began with a handful of students and today Choice School is one of the highest ranked educational institutions in India with alumni that stud the domestic and international arena in all walks of life. An alumnus of The Choice School in its early years remembered Mr. Jose Thomas wearing many hats: "Visionary, mentor, counsellor, teacher, administrator, chef, Musician, coach, friend —he did it all."

The Choice School is a co-educational institution which provides ample scope for physical, intellectual and social development of students through our core concepts – Knowledge, Character and Health. Any Learning Support sessions with the students are designed to be as encouraging and empowering as possible, allowing our boys and girls to gain a clearer sense of their needs and help them to identify solutions to overcome future potential challenges.

In the year 2016, The Choice School, Thiruvalla was launched with focusing the core values of the institution, Knowledge, Character and Health. Located in Manthanam, Kerala on a serene 7.5 acre campus, the state of the art school building with its inspiring architecture and infrastructure comprises the administrative wing, school hostel, cafeteria, spacious and well-equipped classrooms, library, laboratories, special learning spaces, art room, learning lab, recreational room, grand walk-ways and atrium besides the sports facilities for football, basketball, badminton and other games.

Our intellectual capital comprises of highly qualified and experienced academicians with international teaching experience and our focused approach to quality education contributes to bringing the best out of every student to make them independent and competent professionals .Providing a safe and secure learning environment, our teachers not only unlock the knowledge within books and develop skills required by the curriculum, but also instil the qualities and values that make for an honest, responsible and dignified personality.

The experiential learning creates opportunities for the children to observe, explore, analyse and conclude thus making them independent learners. The school nurtures the Life-Skills in students by prescribing an array of curricular and extra-curricular activities too. This holistic approach in education prepares the children to face the challenges of the world with greater confidence and responsibility thus fulfilling the guiding principles of the school.

To enhance the formal elements of study we have a wide variety of co-curricular activities on offer for all year groups, allowing our students not only to enjoy and to develop their existing interests and passions, but also to discover new ideas, perspectives and skills which will broaden their horizons. Throughout the learning curve, students participate in co-curricular activities as a means of developing personal interests and academic passions, collaborative working and leadership skills. Students are given many opportunities to develop their public speaking - in assemblies, debating clubs, societies, and when presenting to their peers within the curriculum.

Academic life at The Choice School Thiruvalla is uniquely stimulating and we aim to instil in each student an excitement about learning for its own sake and a love of scholarship which will serve them throughout their life. While success in examinations is important, The Choice School, education goes far beyond this and at every stage; students are encouraged to pursue intellectual, creative and cultural interests beyond the formal curriculum. In a climate that fosters academic ambition, we encourage students to be independent thinkers, to challenge conventional wisdom, to debate complex issues and to take responsibility for their own learning, working co-operatively with others and making an active and sustained contribution to school life. Ms. Rachel Ignatius, who has been part of The Choice School, Kochi for more than 21 years has taken over as the Principal of The Choice School, Thiruvalla. She is known for her strong team building skills, attention to detail and efficiency. Previously, in charge of The Choice Primary, she made it the most sought after place for students. Her meticulous ways of work, interpersonal skills and strong administrative skills in the capacity of Vice Principal, Co- curricular activities will certainly enable her to take The Choice School, Thiruvalla to great heights.

Core Concepts


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment where children will recognize and achieve their fullest potential, so that they make their best contribution to society.

Our Mission

  • To develop in the student qualities of integrity, honesty and compassion.

  • To promote the spirit of enquiry.

  • To foster scientific temper within the bonds of humanism.

  • To help the students become a meaningful part of their environment.

  • To see that courage and industry get their just rewards.

  • To give every child the opportunity to blossom in a non-judgemental and loving environment that guides them in their pursuit of excellence.

The Choice Foundation

The Choice Foundation is the parent philanthropic trust that operates The Choice School. The Trust has been formed under the visionary leadership of Mr. Jose Thomas. Its primary goal is development in the areas of Education, Performing Arts, Health & Wellness and Social and Environmental issues. It is with this aim, that The Choice School was formed initially to promote quality education in the immediate society around. The school aims to produce responsible citizens in society, transforming themselves personally and professionally.

The next move was made to set up JTPAC (Jose Thomas Performing Arts Centre), which is a 617 – seat theatre with state of the art facilities. This was to show the Foundation’s support to encouraging performers both budding and professional. The Choice Foundation developed this jointly with the support and encouragement of acclaimed artist Padmashri Mohanlal as a key personality.

CFAC (Choice Fitness and Aquatic Centre) was established as a part of The Choice Foundation’s initiative to support healthy living and build up a community attuned to sport, exercise, health and wellness – individually and the society at large. It is open to the general public on membership for the facilities of the swimming pool, gymnasium and badminton court.

Apart from this, the Foundation and the School support various Social and Environment issues. These are addressed regularly through educating the school children and leveraging them to be a part of such activities. This initiative promotes education and participation within and touches the lives of those outside.

The Choice School Family

It’s about our entire Choice school community, about the way our students, Principal, teachers, parents & grandparents, staff, Alumni and other associates come together to create an extended, yet focused “family.” Together, we form a dynamic caring community that steers the individual progress of each student.

Like any community, people come and go. Surprisingly, given that we’re The Choice School, students come from across all geographies and they leave for all parts of the world, creating an exciting mix of personalities, attitudes and cultures.

The Choiceans make one’s way with a global outlook, and through its mission, the School empowers each one to prosper as steadfast learners and courageous global citizens by upholding intellect, creativity, inclusivity and character. Despite their busy life, Choiceans always recollect that being at Choice has been “the most enriching experience ever.” We feel proud in creating a stable, supportive environment in which students flourish.

Principal’s Message

The Choice School in Thiruvalla is committed to inculcate in each student, the core values required to succeed in life with focus on intellect, creativity, inclusivity and character. The success of our school lies in the dynamic student-teacher relationship. We offer a creative and value-based curriculum, which gives equal opportunity for every student to pursue personal and academic excellence. We are therefore committed to recruiting and retaining faculty who are leaders in their fields and are skilled in bringing out the very best in each student, every day. All this together makes The Choice School, the best school in Kerala.

The Choice School was founded in 1991 by Mr. Jose Thomas, a visionary, who opened the School with a handful of students in Cochin. With a steadfast determination to take advantage of all the cultural opportunities that Kerala has to offer, Mr. Jose Thomas's aspirations for his burgeoning school stand true today, 29 years later. The Choice School has been in the forefront, awakening minds with high standards of academic and co-curricular achievements. Our students have a wealth of programmes that we believe will enrich their appreciation of the arts, music, physical well – being, science and sports.

Thiruvalla is one of the most exciting towns in which to acquire an education, and today’s students, like those who went before, make this historical town their extended classroom, seizing advantage of its abundance of history, science, heritage, sports and culture. The Choice School Thiruvalla is the ideal seedbed for upraising tomorrow’s innovators, explorers, thinkers, collaborators and communicators. It has been four years since we started this great school in this remarkable historical town of Thiruvalla.

At the Choice School, the pursuit of Excellence is a way of life – a habit. Our school is filled with enthusiastic students willing to learn and a community of dynamic and dedicated staff members who are committed to providing the students with quality education through our core concepts of Knowledge, Character and Health and the results of which are reflected in the overall excellence in the students. As Rabindranath Tagore aptly puts it, “The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence”. We are also blessed with motivating and happy parents too.

All this, along with an environment conducive to learning, a goal to empower the students into self – reliant leaders of tomorrow and a social commitment to the less fortunate, is what makes The Choice School, a temple of learning.

In this fast changing world, serving the needs of the students in our care is at the heart of everything we do. The school’s program combines nurture of the individual with engaging learning experiences in a supportive and involved community. We embrace our core values of Knowledge, Character and Health. At The Choice School, we are dedicated to participating fully in life within the School, and making a difference in the world beyond. Choiceans are constantly involved in the service of others; our children are eager to move out of their comfort zones to help those in local neighbourhoods and across the globe. And when it’s time to leave our school, Choiceans go out into the world fully equipped for the challenges that lie ahead, and with a passion for lifelong learning deep-rooted in their mind-set.

Families who join the Choice community recollect their time here with deep gratitude for the enduring friendships made, the host of memories treasured, and the outstanding education delivered by beloved teachers. "The Choice" is not just a school; it is a community of learners and leaders, drivers and dreamers. I invite you to explore our website and discover the wealth of experience we offer. Please feel free to walk into our school at your convenience.

Rachel Ignatius,
The Choice School,Thiruvalla

Salient features of The Choice School

  • Over 30 years of Excellence/tradition in the field of School Education.

  • Professionally managed Institution driven by strong processes and systems.

  • Highly focused approach to quality education through experienced teachers with international teaching experience.

  • 360 degree grooming approach with focus on outcome based education

  • STEM education with focus on innovation

  • Career guidance and Character development activities.

  • State-of-the-art Laboratory facilities

  • Safe, secure and child friendly environment

  • Excellent sports infrastructure

  • Air-conditioned on-campus hostel.

  • Air-conditioned transport facility with GPS tracking system and speed governors.

  • Professionally trained support staff to take care of the students.

  • International study tours and student exchange programmes.

  • Award winning architecture with world class facilities.

  • Air-conditioned smart class rooms with the most modern interactive technology


  • Parents are invited to understand the culture and ethos of our school.

  • Application forms are available online

  • An interactive session can be scheduled with the Principal can be scheduled (virtually/ face to face) after fixing an appointment. For details, contact the Admissions department

  • Once the admission is taken, an Admission number will be generated for the student starting with CSM. Keep a note of this Admission number as it is required for academic reference.

  • A copy of the Birth Certificate. (Please bring the original also for verification)
  • A recent photograph of the child- size (6×4) cm.
  • A copy of the Immunization / vaccination card
  • Photocopy of the mark sheet of the last examination passed at the previous school. (This is required for students coming from Grade 1 and upwards)
  • A copy of the student passport with valid visa/ OCI card (if the child is a foreign national)
  • The Aadhar card of the child and the parents and a copy each of the same. (for all classes including Kinderland)
  • Students seeking admission to the school from Grade 2 and upwards are required to submit the Original promoted Transfer Certificate/School Leaving Certificate of the school last attended, duly attested /signed by the Head of the Institution.
  • A recommendation letter/Conduct Certificate from the Principal of the last attended School.(From 6th grade upwards)
  • All admissions done after 15th June require a studying/ discontinued T.C., which is valid for only 30 days from the last date of attendance



“Every child is unique and special and ‘we care as much as you do”.

The Choice Kinderland at Thiruvalla & Kottayam brings in more than two decades of experience and excellence in the field of education. Our simple recipe for the success of the Kinderland rests on one promise –Safety and Happiness of the child. We aim to create a welcoming environment that promotes free expression, appreciation, enjoyment, discovery and development of individual talents.

We want children to feel safe, stimulated and happy at The Choice Kinderland and to feel secure and comfortable with staff. We also want parents to have confidence in both their children’s well being and their role as active partners with Choice Kinderland.

All pupils learn in different ways; so our curriculum planning incorporates a variety of teaching styles and techniques and includes open ended activities, which encourage all children to start from their own level and to achieve their full potential. We endeavor to take account of individual needs and build on pupils’ own skills and experiences in order for them to achieve their full potential.

Our goal is to provide a safe and caring environment, where children can gain a positive approach to school and learning. They will learn to care for, and respect each other, whilst learning how to be part of a group. Good pre-school education is crucial to a child's formative years, and fosters an enthusiasm and confidence that will remain with them throughout their school life.

Our experienced and dedicated staff help the children to become successful learners, confident individuals, and caring contributors to society. The children learn through play and structured lessons, with a balance of free choice.


Subjects Offered:

  • English

  • Math

  • Science

  • Language (Hindi and Malayalam)

  • Social studies

  • Art/craft

  • Sports

  • Music/Dance

  • Developmental Dramatics

  • Computer science

  • The curriculum followed in the primary school aims at:

  • Building and reinforcing students’ sense of identity and cultural awareness

  • Stimulating curiosity and inquiry in order to foster a spirit of discovery and enjoyment of learning

  • Equipping students with the skills to learn and acquire knowledge, individually or collaboratively, and to apply these skills and knowledge accordingly across a broad range of areas.

  • Encouraging diversity and flexibility in teaching methods

  • Providing appropriate forms of assessment and benchmarking.

  • Thus it aims at developing the children into being independent, responsible, creative, empathetic and curious learners


Students of primary school are encouraged to participate in a lot of extracurricular activities .Ample opportunities are offered to them in the form of Class Day celebrations, festivals related programmes, Annual Day celebrations and Sports Day celebrations. These programmes are offered to the students throughout the academic year at regular intervals.


Subjects Offered:

  • English

  • Math

  • Science

  • Language (Hindi and Malayalam)

  • Social studies

  • Art/craft

  • Sports

  • Music/Dance

  • Developmental Dramatics

  • Computer science

ARRIVAL: Students report to school at 8.30 am and disperse at 3.30 pm.


The curriculum of Middle School is based on some common components to be followed and guidelines issued by NCERT. The curriculum thus aims at:

  • Connecting knowledge to life outside the school,

  • Ensuring that learning shifts away from rote methods,

  • Overall development of children rather than remain textbook centric,

  • Equipping students with the skills to learn and acquire knowledge, individually or collaboratively, and to apply these skills and knowledge accordingly across a broad range of areas

  • Encouraging diversity and flexibility in teaching methods

  • Providing appropriate forms of assessment and benchmarking

Student Assessment

  • Students of Classes V-VIII are evaluated on the basis of CCE (Continuous Classroom Evaluation), class tests, mid-term assessments and term exams in a given academic year..

  • Grades are awarded for good performances in Sports and/or Arts activities.

  • Eligibility for promotion is based on the performance in the tests/exams and continuous assessments conducted during the academic year. There will be no retest for any of the term examinations

  • Co-Curricular activities

  • At The Choice School, Physical and Arts Education is given due importance and extensive training of each discipline forms an integral part of the curriculum. The main objective of this design is to communicate that sensitivity to both arts and sports is important to become a complete personality

  • For classes V and VI, the students would be given the opportunity to experience all the options under Major Arts and Sports so that they are able to choose an option of their interest in class 7.

  • Students of Classes VII & VIII will follow the “Dual Major Activity System” where each student is required to enrol for an Arts Major and a Sports Major. (Options will be confirmed only after an aptitude test.)

  • House System for Classes V and Above

  • In order to foster a healthy competitive spirit and to create a sense of belonging, all students are divided into four Houses. Each House has student and teacher representatives. The Inter House competitions are conducted with a view to promote learning, entertainment and awareness . Merit certificates are awarded to the winners and House points are determined based on points awarded throughout the year.

House & House Colours

Cauvery : Blue
Gangotri : Green
Narmada : Red
Periyar : Yellow

Each House is governed by a House Captain, Vice-Captain and a Junior Captain.


The School follows the CBSE curriculum. A comprehensive pattern of formative and summative assessments is followed for evaluation. In addition to academics, life skills and values are also assessed.Hands on education, student-centric learning methodology, skill-based learning, are some of the concepts that we at The Choice School have adopted to enrich academics.It is a proven fact that the children being born in this digital world are far ahead in their thinking processes and there is a paradigm shift in the trends of education over the past decade.

Keeping in mind these shifting trends of education, The Choice School offers a curriculum, which emphasizes activity oriented teaching and creates opportunities for the children to observe, explore, analyse and conclude thus making them independent learners. Every class from Grade 1 is equipped with SMART boards incorporating the latest electronic technology. The interactive board turns a typical classroom into a fun learning environment. It enriches classrooms by providing hands on collaboration and creating the perfect learning setting.

Co- curricular activities complement and enhance the academic structure of the school.

To break the monotony of conventional teaching methods, the school brings in visiting faculty to teach earmarked portions of the curriculum and expat teachers to add the global dimension to the teaching and learning process.

Interactive technology driven Class Rooms

“One of the very important characteristics of a student is to question. Let the students ask questions”
– Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Classrooms in its physical sense and the environment we create are of utmost importance for students and teachers in achieving the objective of outcome based education. At The Choice School, classroom is a place where students feel recognised and feel their contributions matter. A great deal of research has been done by our technical team to ensure that we provide the best facilities that fosters learning at its best. Every classroom is designed to provide maximum space that will enable children with enough scope to stretch their imagination beyond just learning the textbooks.

The spacious air-conditioned classrooms with modern non-toxic child friendly furniture provide a healthy learning atmosphere. Interactive white boards and digital boards create the most modern learning space for the kids. More emphasis is given to learning through interactive lessons, power point presentations, visual aids and project-based activities, thus enhancing the learning skills of each student.

Science laboratories

“There’s a way to do it better – find it!”
– Thomas Alva Edison

Inspired by the genius, our children are provided with the most modern lab equipment and hazard free lab facilities with all safety measures that will facilitate the hunger in students to learn through scientific experiments. The ultra-modern Physics, Chemistry and Biology Laboratories facilitate practical learning integrating laboratory experiences with real life. The well-resourced Computer lab offers top quality Intra/ Inter-net facilities that ignite cyber and networking expeditions. The spacious laboratories have been designed with emphasise on safety, scope for research and real-time learning to create the next-gen thinkers and doers.


“The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning” – Pele

We seek to inculcate a lifelong love for sport, fitness and health by offering choice and opportunity across all abilities and all year groups. Sport fosters and reinforces the values that we look to nurture in each student: respectful, resilient, responsible and determined. Every student, regardless of ability, is helped to identify their strengths; encouraged and focused training is offered to pursue their sporting passions and to take part individually or to represent house or school teams.

Our campus is distinctive as it offers all the resources required to facilitate all-round development of each individual. At The Choice, sports and games curriculum is an integral and all-encompassing part of the education process. We provide our learners with international standard sporting facilities, such as, Football, basketball, cricket, badminton, football, Volleyball, Kho-kho, Kabadi and Athletics to mention a few. Indoor gaming facilities are also offered to ensure physical and mental coaching to all our students.

Music lab

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

Everyone enjoys music, whether by listening to it, singing, or playing an instrument. The magical effect of music can enrich students’ lives and education. Research has proven that students who have early musical training will develop the areas of the brain related to language and reasoning. Every musician while performing uses their memory to perform. The skill of memorization can serve students well in education and beyond.

At The Choice Music Lab, we provide a nurturing environment for children to engage in the finest performing arts education. Experienced educators and professional performers, provide our students with the very best in technical training and performance opportunities. Practice sessions with various percussion/ acoustic instruments under the supervision of professional musicians forms part of their regular curriculum at The Choice School.

Math lab

“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas”– Albert Einstein

A well-equipped Math Lab is set where learning becomes fun. It provides students with the opportunity to understand and discover the beauty, importance and relevance of mathematics as a discipline. The Maths Lab at The Choice School is a place where anybody can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. The Math Lab comprises of a variety of mathematical teaching aids in the form of models, games, puzzles, charts, CDs, books and other teaching and learning materials. The materials are meant to be used both by the students on their own and with their teacher to explore the world of mathematics, to discover, to learn and to develop an interest in mathematics. The activities create interest among students or in anybody who wants to explore, and test some of their ideas, beliefs about mathematics.

The maths lab provides an opportunity for the students to discover mathematics through doing. Many of the activities present a problem or a challenge, with the possibility of generating further challenges and problems. The activities help students to visualize, manipulate and reason. They provide opportunity to make speculations and test them, and to generalize observed patterns. They create a context for students to attempt to prove their credence.

The Atheneum

"Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life." - Sidney Sheldon

Your quest for knowledge begins here. Every piece of personal or professional growth one can achieve in life starts with knowledge. Choice Athenaeum, the double-storied treasure trove of books set in the serene ambience inspires a love for reading. The Wi Fi-enabled treasure room is equipped with computers and e-readers (kindles) to provide information at the young readers’ finger tips. The picturesque spot invites the students to delve into the magical world of words and letters.

Book reviews and reading sessions are conducted regularly promoting students’ written and reading skills. The Atheneum which houses over 1500 curated collection of sources of information is the epicentre of knowledge at The Choice School, Thiruvalla.

The Art Centre

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

Art, a divine and diverse mx of activities by individuals which creates visual, auditory or performing artworks, expressing his/her imaginative, conceptual ideas, or technical skill, meant to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional touch. The Choice Art Centre sparks the imagination and creativity of the students producing magic with brush and strokes. Diverse art forms are introduced and practiced in the space set to inspire the artistic talents of the young students. Our experienced and talented art teachers provide individual care and attention to each child to bring out the creativity in them. We believe in the principle that ‘Artists are not born, they are made” and we are committed to make each child discover the artist in them and hone their skills to perfection.

We believe that arts - based education will power the creative economy. At the Choice school, the arts have always been an integrated part of our curriculum. We weave art into our core classroom curriculum as well as teach specific artistic skills and abilities. the art foster creativity, self-expression, problem solving and ability to think outside the box or even what to do creatively with the box itself. We create a display of our children’s artwork in the art room varying from the simple drawings to the little crafts they have made.

In visual arts a lesson usually begins with a 10-minute introduction, which includes giving the students a reason for engaging in a particular activity and what they will learn from it.

Mostly a quick demonstration of skills involved. We work to engage and support creative thinking in our children. Students learn through an enjoyable and stimulating environment in which fine and gross motor skills are enhanced. All students experience activities that help develop confidence, passion, creativity imagination and individuality.Drawing, Painting, mixed media work, Designing, Crafts, Bottle art, Frame making are few areas we focus on.

Home Science Lab

“Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done” - Robert A Heinlein

Home science involves a thorough study of Nutrition, Health, family, Food, Housekeeping, Hygiene, Design, Entertainment, Hospitality, Sustainability, Lifestyle etc., and to bring everyday life in sync with the changing surroundings. Home science has a role to play in everything we do in life. The Home science Lab at the Choice school provides an opportunity for every child to get hands-on experience to develop their skills.


“Happiness is the highest form of health” – Dalai Lama

It's our utmost responsibility to ensure that each child arrives at our campus with a healthy cheerful smile and they depart from the campus wanting to come back the next day even more cheerful and healthy. Given the situation, our professionally trained nurse ensures that each child is attended to in case of a requirement. Health report of each student is obtained at the time of joining and the same is updated on a regular basis. Medical history of hostellers is maintained at the school. Expert doctors are available on-call in case of emergency and we have tied-up with nearby hospitals with modern medical facilities to take care medical emergencies. The fully air-conditioned school Infirmary is furnished with two beds and all the necessary equipment and facilities including wheelchair to address the immediate health needs and to attend different health problems that arise throughout the school.

Teachers Rooms

“Teachers make the world a better place” – Unknown

A hub between two class rooms adorned with glass walls function as teacher’s room with a vivid view of the attached class rooms. The computerized hub caters to the needs of teachers’ professional development, research and growth.

Our teachers are trained and experienced professionals who guide students to acquire knowledge, competence or virtue. Teachers are conceivably the most important members of our society. They instil a sense of purpose in children, gear them up for success as citizens of our world, and inspire them to do well and succeed in life. Today’s children are the leaders of tomorrow, and teachers are the focal point that makes a child ready for future. They are eyes and ears of every child and they follow the child like a shadow to see them succeed at every step.

Activity Area

“Keeping an active mind has been vital to my survival, as has been maintaining a sense of humour” - Stephen Hawking

The Choice School doubles up the energy levels of every student while on campus and beyond. Our curriculum is activity driven and we give due emphasise to ensure that students are active and result oriented at everything they do. The Choice activity hive is abuzz with a plethora of activities ranging from Zumba classes, club and outreach activities, seminars, presentations, exhibitions, cultural activities, drama sessions, talent hunts and the list goes on. Activities at the Choice school drive each child to develop their personality and improve inter-personal and leadership skills.


“The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep” – Robert Frost

The Choice School Thiruvalla won the Architizer A+ Award, and was voted as the best designed educational project in the world in 2016. It was the conscious endeavour of Mr. Jose Thomas to provide the best world-class nature friendly learning environment to our students that made this school a reality. A refreshing stroll through the grand walkway of The Choice School is definitely an aesthetic feast. Traversing through the gleaming exteriors makes one enjoy the original blend of nature with mesmerizing modern architecture. Each child, parent and visitor is given a grand welcome to our campus through “The Grand Walkway” which portrays the longstanding relationship that we aspire to build with each of our stakeholders.

The Choice Café

"If you can’t' feed a hundred people, then just feed one" - Mother Teresa.

Knowledge, Character and Health forms the basis of all activities at The Choice School. A healthy mind in a healthy body brings out the best in an individual. The Choice café takes conscious effort to provide our children with a healthy diet, imparts culinary skills and knowledge and motivates each child to be responsible individuals by saving every ounce of food. Every Choicean is motivated to grow up as highly knowledgeable, healthy individuals with strong and compassionate character. Our Hygienic well equipped kitchen and café facility combined with the best culinary expertise offers our children with a healthy treat to quell their hunger. Our teachers along with the café team helps children learn about the art of recipe creation and cooking. Utmost care is taken at every level to ensure that no artificial ingredients or flavours are used at the Choice café.

The Choice café has created a well-planned facility for food production and service requirements of the School. It serves lunch for all students. Dinner facility is offered to the boarders residing on campus. A snack counter ensures that the occasionally hungry youngster gets a bite.

The kitchen is under the strict supervision of Chefs who have experience in working with well-known structured Food and Beverage outlets. The systems and procedures follow the pattern of segregated areas for Food storage, pre-preparation, preparation, dispensing and service. The staff members are attired appropriately for maintaining utmost hygiene in food handling.

The Chefs and dietician have carefully crafted the menu keeping in mind the nutritional needs of the growing child. Regular Quality checks by our Quality Assurance department ensure that hygiene standards are maintained in the cafeteria, kitchen and wash areas.


“The greatest achievement of all, Finding yourself ” – Unknown

We at the choice school strive hard to help each child to find the best in her or him. Every choicean believes in the policy “Achievement is not a destination. It’s an experience beyond words”. Our co-curricular department goes beyond the lines of timetables in pursuit of excellence. A team of young, inspiring and passionate professionals along with energetic students makes every day an experience.

Co-curricular activities (CCAs) play a pivotal role in a Choicean’s life; this is reflected by our significant investment in music, sport and drama facilities. The emphasis at The Choice School is on variety, inclusion, and encourages students to explore new activities, cultivate new interests and develop a variety of skills.

The curriculum at Choice is amalgamated with co-curricular activities to realize the all-round development of students. We believe that knowledge in many domains enables to harness the in-depth potential of students. It nurtures students’ ability in co-operation and co-ordination. Our students move towards leadership, Socialization, self-identification and self- assessment.

To a great extent, the theoretical knowledge gets strengthened when a relevant co-curricular activity is organized. The CCA at our school mirrors the academic curriculum.

The school organizes regular field trips and excursions for its students. Travelling to various destinations within and outside the country gives our students a taste of world culture. Our students have also been taken to places of historic and educational significance within the country.

The Choice Residence

“Where self-reliance is the goal. Where we shape responsible young adults in their home Away from home.“

Staying at the Choice Residence inside the serene campus is a great experience for every Choicean. Every morning routine filled with the chirping of birds is absolutely delightful and refreshing. The natural landscape of the campus offers a musical and healthy life for every child.

The Choice School Boarding is a testimony to the commitment and care we provide to our students who stay on campus

The Choice School Boarding provides boarding facilities to both boys and girls. A team of well-trained staff looks after the needs of the children giving them a ‘home away from home’. The boarding offers an immaculate and clean environment. During their stay in the boarding, the children are groomed in areas of deportment, personal hygiene, etiquette, academic pursuits, co-curricular activities and the art of living together in a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.


“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” – Jack Welch

Leadership is synonymous with guidance and direction to instructional improvement. Realizing this, The Choice School has brought in a leadership and management structure which demands performance based accountability. Certain accomplished people of the organization have been selected for being capable enough to hold responsible positions for the overall guidance and direction of the organization, and ultimately for its performance.

Thus we have the Principal heading the school with the Vice Principal working towards handling all the academic, co- curricular, administrative and student welfare needs, related to the section of the school they are in charge of.

The General Manager looks into the Operations, Administration & Maintenance. He aids the effective processes that are involved in the running of the school and its facilities.

Subject Overviews

Maths is taught for an hour daily. Our maths curriculum includes all aspects of the National Curriculum and is designed to provide a link between mathematics and the real world. Links are also made between different curriculum areas whenever possible. We want the children to be confident in applying mathematical skills, concepts and knowledge and to be able to solve problems sensibly and systematically. We aim to foster a culture of independence and resilience where the children learn from their mistakes.

We ensure that we develop the children’s number fluency skills and mental maths through structured teaching and repetition. Practical learning is an essential component of our approach to teaching maths and this is reflected in the assessment framework we use to track progress and attainment. We want all children to enjoy maths and feel challenged from their own starting point in every lesson; therefore, students are assessed regularly in class in order to inform planning and to check progress


Our teaching of English involves five specific areas of the Curriculum.

Phonics and spelling



Speaking and Listening



In science we teach the children scientific knowledge and understanding through different types of science enquiries. We want to encourage children to be curious about the world around them and to enjoy exploring and observing science in everyday life

We believe that it is important that children develop an understanding of important scientific ideas and processes and they are able to confidently communicate this knowledge to others.

History and Geography

We teach these as topics throughout the year and augment the children’s learning through carefully planned off-site visits linked to the theme. Our curriculum map is structured to ensure full coverage of all the history and geography objectives across year groups and all topics are chosen to interest and engage the children. Different topics are covered in each year group:


As well as being taught discretely, we build in opportunities for the use of computing in all subject areas. We use the interactive whiteboards and computers to aid our teaching and involve the children. Keeping safe online is an integral part of our computing curriculum. Therefore, this is referenced in every computing lesson as well as being reinforced by regular assemblies and an e-Safety week.

The computing session enables a class to work independently on a variety of packages such as Microsoft Office, educational programs, web and cloud based resources. Computational thinking is taught to all year groups.


Art is taught within the curriculum so that the children can apply their knowledge and understanding of the context to their art work. Within each year group the children learn how to work with different materials and apply different techniques


Music is taught by a subject specialist and the skills of listening, appraising, performing and composing are taught through analysing different types of music from pop through to classical, both Western and non- Western. The children use what they have learned to compose their own music, using a variety of instruments

Physical Education

PE is taught for two hours a week and over the year the children take part in dance, games and outdoor and adventurous activities.


Children are set regular homework which includes reading, learning multiplication tables and a variety of tasks linked to all areas of the curriculum. We consider home learning as an opportunity for the children to consolidate their learning from school and thus we ensure that the homework is accessible for all children.

Study tours and Industry visits

One of the highlights of the school is that we connect the children with the outside world through study tours and visit to industries. Industry experts also visit our campus to impart knowledge to our students.


We offer a variety of extra-curricular opportunities. Clubs vary according to the season and staff expertise but we currently offer drama, arts, football, math, dance, coding, gardening, chess, film, and book club.

Special Educational Needs

The Choice School adopts a ‘whole school approach’ to Special Educational Needs which involves all the staff adhering to a model of good practice. Staff are committed to identifying and providing for the needs of all children. Inclusion is regarded as crucial to this policy. We aim to create an environment of equal opportunities for everyone.

Accessibility and Children with Disability

As an inclusive school we are committed to raising the attainment of all children with due regard to their individual circumstances.

We are committed to challenging discrimination against those with disabilities, ensuring equality of access and preparing all pupils for life in a diverse society.

We realise and recognise that it is our responsibility to ensure this ethos is actively and consistently reflected in practice. We systematically assess, evaluate, monitor and regularly review the impact of our school accessibility plans on the life, attitudes and achievements of all groups and individuals in our school.

Child Protection’

As an inclusive school we are committed to raising the attainment of all children with due regard to their individual circumstances.

The Choice School has a child protection policy which are available for parents to view

Health and Hygiene

We work hard to teach children the first steps in looking after themselves, e.g. washing their hands after using the toilet, using an umbrella or raincoat during rains, not staying out in the sun for too long and blowing their noses properly.

Special preventive procedures have been defined to take care of school life considering the current pandemic situation.

Parents are notified of any concerns

Health and Hygiene

The Choice School Thiruvalla campus has a well-defined security policy and the security wing is directly managed and monitored by the Administration department. Movement of people and material on campus is closely monitored by the security wing.

School management has well defined policies for Students opting for school transport, Students using own transport and hostellers.

List of students using school transport is being monitored by each class teacher in liaison with the transport team and administration department.

Children using own transport, should be brought to school and collected by an adult. If the parent not be able to collect their child, the class teacher has to be informed about the person who will be coming in their place. School will not release the child to another adult unless we have had an authorisation letter from the parent. Parents should make sure that we know how to contact you by telephone.

Your co-operation ensures the safety of the children and also the good relationship between the school and our neighbours in the adjacent roads.

Lunchtime Information

Our school provides a range of healthy hot meals which are prepared at our Choice Cafe.

All parents may pay for school meals for their child on campus or send in a healthy packed lunch.

Water is provided and the Ayahs supervise the children in the dining room and playground.

Parental Involvement

We are very grateful for all the help we receive from parents. If you feel that you can help in any way please let us know.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA committee is run by parents and teachers in the school. It organises a range of social events for the school community and helps in overall development of the school.The success of the PTA depends entirely on the support of all parents and staff. We greatly appreciate any assistance. This can be anything from a little time helping out, to coming along to support the functions with family and friends.


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Thiruvalla- The City of Spirituality and Education

Thiruvalla, founded in 800 AD, is one of the cities of the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala which is situated on the western border of the district.Thiruvalla is famous for its religious places, festivals and schools. The ancient name of Thiruvalla was ‘Valla Vai’. The city derived its name from the River Manimala, which is also known as Vallapuzha, and the mouth of this river is known as ‘Valla Vai’.The culture and heritage of Thiruvalla is tied up with temples. Archaeological evidence in the form of copper plates and proclamations suggest that this was a major center of spirituality and education.

Exploring the City

Shree Vallabha Temple in Thiruvalla is a masterpiece. The flagpost of this temple is carved out of a single rock with a Garudan at the top and is one the places in the city worth visiting. Aranmula, another must-visit, is promoted by the rural tourism board and is famous for Aranmula Kannadi hand-made mirrors made of polished metal. The Padayani Folk is an event which is associated with festivals of a few temples of southern Kerela, especially Pandalam, Kadammanita and Cheganoor. Visiting during this time could be an enriching experience.

Parumala Church is another tourist spot located in this city which attracts many tourists.

Kaviyoor, built in the 8th century, reflects Pallava architecture is also worth visiting.The Thekekudi Cave Temple in Kaviyoor is built in a cave in the ranges of the Western Ghats and can be reached by foot alone. It is a highly visited pilgrimage center.Parumala, situated at a little distance from Thiruvalla, is a mustvisit in this city. A large number of people visit this place on the first and second day of November every year.Niranam is a church that is said to be one of the seven churches founded by St Thomas and is around 2,000 years old. It is also believed that the great poet Kannassa Panicker wrote his main poetic works close to this spot.

Intracity Travel

Rickshaws and buses are easily available in the city. Visitors could even opt to hire a taxi or rent a car in order to travel around the place in comfort.

How to Reach Thiruvalla

On a daily basis there are approximately 165 flights that operate at Cochin International Airport. Air India, SpiceJet and IndiGo are the most popular airline brands that fly frequently to this airport.Besides flying you can also reach Thiruvalla through train. Thiruvalla is one of the most popular train stations in Kerala. By road Thiruvalla is surrounded by Chengannur, Kottayam, Pathanamthitta which are 5.48 km, 13.96 km, 17.33 km away respectively. These places are ideal spots for people to plan their short weekend break.

Where to stay in Thiruvalla

Thiruvalla has many hotels in the town with the popular ones being KGA Elite, Club7 Hotel, Bessota International Hotel, Hotel Tilak etc