KINDERMART- Our own supermarket @ Kindergarten

When it comes to understanding money and taking independent decisions regarding purchases, it is never too early to teach kids about transacting money, earning money, saving money and budgeting.

This “make believe” activity of setting up a market in the Kindergarten premises was helpful in boosting imaginative thinking of the kindergarteners and unlock their creative side. There were opportunities created for the children to enhance their problem solving skills.

Once the Kindermart was inaugurated on 30 September ,2022,by our principal, Mr.Ajith Jacob, there was no dearth of customers, who flocked to every shop and in no time emptied them of all their wares.

Children enjoyed every bit of it carrying their own cloth bag, and choosing healthy food over junk, waiting for their turn to pay up at the cash counter. Yes, they were in a ‘very happy place’ that day feeling all grown up and independent!!


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