We believe that every child is unique and special and ‘we care as much as you do’.

We have more than two decades of experience and excellence in the field of education. Our simple recipe for the success of the Kinderland rests on one promise –Safety and Happiness of the child. We aim to create a welcoming environment that promotes free expression, appreciation, enjoyment, discovery and development of individual talents.

We want children to feel safe, stimulated and happy at The Choice Kinderland and to feel secure and comfortable with staff. We also want parents to have confidence in both their children’s well being and their role as active partners with Choice Kinderland.

All pupils learn in different ways; so our curriculum planning incorporates a variety of teaching styles and techniques and includes open ended activities, which encourage all children to start from their own level and to achieve their full potential. We endeavor to take account of individual needs and build on pupils’ own skills and experiences in order for them to achieve their full potential.

A day in the life………


Children are welcomed by their class teacher at the entrance of their classroom and are encouraged to greet her with a bright smile and a cheery good morning!This helps to develop confidence, good manners and instil routine.


They have a general assembly twice a week with the children getting involved in community singing followed by a ‘show and tell’ time where the children get an opportunity to showcase their talent before their peers and teachers.

Each month there is a new theme/ topic which is explored over four weeks. This provides a consistency to the week’s activities, which also encompass the six areas of learning namely Literacy, Numeracy, Personal,Social and Emotional development, Understanding the world ,Art and Design and Physical education.


Self registration: The children are encouraged to register their presence in the school all by themselves.This encourages children to be independent.

Weather board – The children discuss the weather each day, including learning about the days of the week, the months and changing seasons. This helps develop their descriptive communication and observation skills.

Sharing their news – This is wonderful for expanding their vocabulary, learning how to communicate and listen to others, and for building the children’s confidence.


  • Story time– The children congregate on the mat everyday to enjoy a story. The stories are selected to enhance their listening skills, develop their imagination and ability to solve problems

Break –This time is used to teach the children table etiquette, healthy habits such as washing hands before and after eating, visiting the washroom and eating independently.


Within the week there are some activities carried out.These include:

  • Music
  •  Movement(dance)
  •  Sports(indoor and outdoor)


At 12.15 p.m. children assemble to disperse with the children using school transport being seated first in the vans meant for them, after which those being collected by the parent or the carer are allowed to move out of the classrooms. They are encouraged to say goodbye to their teachersbefore leaving the premises.

The Choice Kinderland has a 5 day working schedule from Monday to Friday.
The pre schooler’s start their day at 9.00 a.m. and disperse at 12 noon.
The Kindergarteners and the Preppers start their day at 9.00 a.m. and disperse at 12.15 p.m.


Kinder Ark (Pre school)

Age : (2½– 3½) Born on or before Dec.1st

Kindergarten (LKG)

Age : (3½– 4½) Born on or before Dec. 1st

Preparatory (UKG)

Age : (4½– 5½) Born on or before Dec. 1st

Nihal Raj

“Whipping up Something Incredible”

Muskaan Shiju

“Poetry Of Movements” with Yoga

Izaiah Mathew Kocheril

“A reading prodigy at two”